Branham's One God, 3 "dispensations"; not Persons

I had agreed to discuss the Trinity with a person I though was JW. Turns out, he’s not JW but “Message Believer - William Branham”.

This theology rejects the Tinirty and instead sees God as One God who manifests Himself in 3 ways.

They claim that the Trinitarian formula is a “heresy” of the Nicene Council, and a “new concept”.

Anyone familiar with this theology? I was getting all prepared to debate a JW, and now I am trying to find a way to bring the truth of the Triune God to someone who believes that the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are One God in 3 manifestations of a one-same Person.

On request, I will provide a link to an article where a “Message Believer” expounds on this topic and the so-called error of Trinitarians.

Here’s a hint - if the church formalized something 1700 years ago, and has references that imply it that go back another 200-300 years, and you think they’re wrong, you’re probably a heretic.

Per Wikipedia’s article on the Trinity:

Sabellianism taught that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are essentially one and the same, the difference being simply verbal, describing different aspects or roles of a single being.[35] For this view Sabellius was excommunicated for heresy in Rome c. 220.

Sounds a lot like his view, no?

What is a William Branham and why should I care what his opinion is? Was his church founded by Jesus Christ? If so, can I get a list of the chief pastors going back to The Apostles?

Thanks guys. I’ve been reading up on this and yes, it’s bacially Modalism re-invented. Tertullian is going to be a reference I use. :slight_smile:

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