Brave - a reflection of an agenda


It's sad to see Pixar resorting to more potty humor and inappropriate sight gags, especially in trailers for a kid's movie. Now that they're owned by Disney, it appears the radical feminist agenda has crept in to make a story that tells little girls that it's OK to defy authority and be your own immature self.

Of course, Pixar's talent shines but the intimations regarding the story means I recommend Catholic mothers and fathers to read reviews from sources like the National Catholic Register before seeing this movie.



What is that movie about?


edwest doesn’t know, and neither do any of us, because … wait for it … we haven’t seen it yet. edwest has identified his issues with the trailer, which may or may not be reflective of the full plot and experience of the movie.

I suggest that we wait until we have actually seen the movie to offer our opinions. Not that I’m naive enough to think that’ll actually happen. :rolleyes:


Yeah sure. Just cuz a girl decides that she wants to be free and make her own choices, it must mean it’s Feminazism For Kids. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Your point?


Seen the trailer?

I have to wonder where Ed here was when Mulan came out. :rolleyes:


Please do show me the trailer to which you are referring to.


What? Potty jokes have been part of kids’ humor for quite some time. It is not as if Pixar is introducing a foreign element.

Now that they’re owned by Disney, it appears the radical feminist agenda has crept in to make a story that tells little girls that it’s OK to defy authority and be your own immature self.

Where are you getting this? What is your source?

From Wikipedia:

Merida, a skilled archer and headstrong daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor, lives in the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch as a princess with her three brothers. Merida is betrothed to one of the sons of the three Lords: Dingwall, Macintosh, and MacGuffin. The princess, however, is determined to live her own life, and not be subjugated to the restrictive life of a princess her mother wants her to lead. When Merida defies one of the kingdom’s traditions by sabotaging an archery contest between the three lords, the princess inadvertently causes controversy and chaos throughout the kingdom. In response to the chaos, Merida turns to an elderly wise woman to help “change her mother”, with whom she does not see eye to eye. But when her mother herself is transformed into a bear, Merida must discover the true meaning of bravery by undoing the spell to save her family and kingdom.

Oh no! Women who want to make decisions for themselves! We must alert the Church elders. :rolleyes:

The entire plot of the movie is reparation for her disrespect toward her mother.

Where is the feminism?


You really haven’t watched it huh?


Mulan makes more sense than this. o:


Hey man, it’s only the trailer. :wink:


I know. :wink:


I was thinking it was like an animated Braveheart, but for girls...:p


As others posting here, I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t attest to any social statements the writers are attempting to make. In general though, I dislike most movies which show children bucking authority and attempting to pass off disrespect and smart-alec defiance as “cute” or “clever”. I remember wondering when “Home Alone” came out if I was the only one who thought of the main character simply as a brat, and I myself was fairly young at the time.

I agree that it sets a poor example to portray rebellious children in a positive light. But whether or not “Brave” is intended to reflect a radical feminist agenda…maybe it is. But perhaps only as much as McCauley Culkin was propped up by extreme masculinists.:confused::shrug:


I have not seen the movie, but Disney/Pixar are degrading the Disney legacy by making a movie he would have never made.

I did look through the Brave coloring book last night. The beautiful, partly embossed cover and clean line drawings were very well done. But there was a page where the Princess, the red haired girl in the trailers, has just slashed the family tapestry with a large sword.

Parents - Do not buy this coloring book for your kids.

The little girl destroys a family heirloom in obvious disgust.
She defies her parents.
She defies tradition.
She defies her heritage, as a Princess.



have not seen the movie, but Disney/Pixar are degrading the Disney legacy by making a movie he would have never made.

Amaziing how your powers of predicting what is in a move you have not seen by your own admission are so accurate…


Well, alright then. Is it still ok if we go to the movie though? I was really looking forward to bringing my kids to see the movie. :smiley:


I won’t decide for you. Have you seen the trailer? Here it is:



Do you imagine Steve Greydanus will be disgusted with the movie as some sort of neo-feminist assault on traditional family values? I would be surprised if that’s his take away point.

But, of course, I haven’t seen the movie either, so I could be wrong.


Yeah, unless her family represented a heritage of thievery, cannibalism, baby-eating, or other such reprehensible acts, that sets a pretty bad example. This *does *seem to be a continuing endorsement of the forces that are currenty doing the same exact thing to youth and Americans in general, doesn’t it? Only worse, it’s happening in our schools, where our vulnerable children are being indoctrinated to see *all *tradition as being oppressive and which ultimately needs to be eradicated. I mean, aren’t we constantly bombarded with the notion that we are supposed to feel guilty about our ancestors, our establishment of the USA, our social customs, our religion, etc?

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