Brave New World:Donors,Daddies,Surrogates,Lawyers

Just another example of a disordered modern world. Some people have no self-respect. “Four people creating one life” – Oh yes, as the video says, that’s “really beautiful,” gag Yes, I find it really “beautiful” to rent out my body to a complete stranger, not to mention feeling completely detached from the child at birth, Priceless quote from the womb-provider whose interest switched immediately to lunch seconds after the child was born.

Oh, and this is additionally posted for the benefit of the person who challenged me to “provide evidence” that this even happens with any frequency whatsoever. Hmmm. Maybe people in denial need to wake up & read more than their local papers.

Really ‘heartwarming’ story during of all times, the Nativity of our Lord.

It happens & it happens frequently in India & other “developing” countries where poor women are used as surrogates. We know someone,a young American Catholic woman, who died there when the procedure went wrong. She found the clinic on the internet.

I would never want to be insensitive to people that struggle with infertility, but this is not the answer. The ends, which are beautiful babies, do not justify the means. I’m sure the dad featured here is a good person, & I feel for him, but I can not condone his choices or lifestyle. This baby girl is intentionally not going to have a mommy because that’s what these two dads want.

We know evil mimics & mocks good, beautiful things. This industry is evil. “The industry lacks clear rules about ‘WHO CAN OBTAIN BABIES.’” Some sentences just jump out at you. The commercial surrogate womb provider said she wanted to help gay couples, & hey, she already had the stretch marks, cellulite & the husband.

I wonder if they used pre-natal gender selection in order to have a girl. Another ‘fruit’ of ivf. If so, how many boy embryos were destroyed or are frozen in suspended animation as a result? Were there other female embryos made that didn’t "make the cut’? Were they discarded? Will they be adopted? Will they have their inner cell mass suctioned out so that some scientist can extract their stem cells?

There are a lot of ethical issues with this, but I’d hardly say this mentality is something unique to the modern world. In many societies, men treated women solely as vessels to give them heirs and legitimately took on mistresses to do it if the wives failed. Most of history, having children was not about love and respect for the circumstances of their birth, but an arrangement to give the parents what they want.

Yes, good points, & I think you are absolutely right. Yet, man is definitely resorting to more & more high tech ways to manipulate & assault life at its earliest, most vulnerable stages.

Yes, disordered is the right word.

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