Bravery Under Fire: The Heroic Story Of Irish Army Chaplain Father Willie Doyle


Coming to EWTN August 12th 10pm…

Bravery Under Fire: The Heroic Story Of Irish Army Chaplain Father Willie Doyle

Here is a website dedicated to him…


He’s great. I often pray to him. I wish he would get a sainthood cause.


I remember hearing a program about him on the radio, while I was driving. Amazing guy.


He certainly sounds like a brave man and my own great-uncle served in World War One and was crippled there. However the article is wrong on one key point, he was not part of the Irish Army. He was serving with 8th Irish fusiliers which was a former regiment of the British army. The Irish army is a distinctly different organization.


Looking forward to this, here are some additional days/times for it.

Date Time
Sunday, Aug 12 10:00 PM
Thursday, Aug 16 3:30 PM
Saturday, Aug 18 9:00 AM
Sunday, Aug 19 1:30 PM


Finally managed to see it this weekend. Very good program, although like many EWTN programs it packs a lot of info into a relatively short time span and there are no commercial breaks so I was left a bit exhausted at the end. I hope they put it on streaming somewhere, so I can watch it again at my leisure with breaks, as I also re-watched their St. Athanasius “Doctors of the Church” program for the same reason.

I hope that EWTN airing this program means that the man’s canonization cause will be revived. He seems to have a large following, including St. Josemaria Escriva. I understand the Jesuits perhaps wanted to pursue Blessed JohN Sullivan’s cause, but surely there is room for two causes? The Jesuits aren’t exactly short on resources to pursue another cause.


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