Bravo, Fr. Vincent Serpa!

I didn’t know where to put this post. I couldn’t put in “Ask an Apologist” section, since it’s not a question and might have never appeared. But tonight I stopped in there, and whatever topics caught me interest enough to open them - (I already thought I had the answer :slight_smile: )… Fr. Serpa had given either the same as what I thought might be the correct answer - or in one topic (those who refer to God as “she”) - the PRICELESS response !
I turned Oprah off so many years ago I can’t recall - it was the day I heard her refer to God as “she”…but I never heard the reasoning on this one put so well.

****Bravo and God bless you, Fr. Serpa !

Please, what was Father Serpa’s answer to people who call God “she”?

Don’t leave us hanging (those of us who don’t stop by the Apologists).

:shrug: :confused:

Greetings! You can read the original question and Fr. Serpa’s reply here.


I LOVE to read what he writes. There is something that just shines through his writing.

Fr. Vincent Serpa
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Re: God as female


If Jesus has taught us to refer to God as Father, then the case is closed!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

God female??? :rolleyes: I don’t know about Ms. ‘O’ But I pray the “Our Father” the way Jesus taught us!!:thumbsup:

Fr. Serpa has it right!!


Excellent response by Fr. Serpa! :thumbsup: :smiley:

Sadly, one of my Jesuit professors in college (yes, at a Catholic college) told our class it didn’t matter if we said he or she when referring to God and would use both in the course of discussion. :mad: :frowning: It always upset me.

Fr Serpa is fantastic! I have bookmarked a lot of his responses in the Ask an Apologist section. Well done Fr Serpa!


Someone not averse to arguing from proper authority!


Why aren’t more people comfortable with simply stating facts, instead of trying to convince people who won’t be convinced by “logical” reasoning, where the only “logic” allowed by the would-be convinced utterly preclude their being convinced?

SO SORRY, Mullen~! And many thanks Mushik - for providing that thread. I just assumed people would visit “Apologist” forum and see the title of topic…My apologies for not providing the quote.

Since I’m back in here on that topic, can someone confirm - is this the SAME Fr. Serpa who’s written so much on scrupulosity?

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