Brazil Committee Votes Overwhelmingly to Ban All Abortions, “It’s a Diabolical and Destructive Act”

This doesn’t mean anything is legislation at this point, so . . . wasn’t sure whether we should post the topic as a prayer thread instead. Regardless, this is arguably one of the most commendable prayer intentions. . . any unborn child would confirm that for you - were they able to speak. The article appeared on LifeNews’ site. A link and excerpt follow:

Brazil Committee Votes Overwhelmingly to Ban All Abortions, “It’s a Diabolical and Destructive Act”

. . . The bill would prohibit abortions in all cases and protect unborn babies’ right to life.

The committee vote is just a small hurdle. To become part of the constitution, the bill must pass both congressional bodies by a two-thirds majority.

Reuters speculated that the legislation may have a chance of passing: “The measure could clear those hurdles as part of a trade-off for other legislation the governing coalition seeks to pass, such as pension reform needed to plug a gaping budget deficit.”


This is great news. Praying that it becomes law.

Please pray for a pro life victory in the Irish referendum too.


The Washington Post said, when reporting on this same topic, that the measure is championed by the Evangelical Bloc in Congress:

" . . . An academic survey partially funded by the Ministry of Health estimates that more than 400,000 women had an abortion in Brazil in 2015.

The measure approved late Wednesday states that the protections for life in the constitution begin at conception. It’s championed by the Evangelical bloc in Congress."

Brazilian Congressional Committee Votes to Ban All Abortions

According to most of the subsequent articles available at this time, the negative feedback regarding protest of the vote so far, appears to be hinged on two sore spots:

  1. The Committee’s position that abortion is wrong - even in cases of rape.

  2. Abortion is wrong even when the mother’s life is in danger.

Our own Cardinal Marc Ouellet drew the ire of journalists and politicians back in 2010 when he reiterated the Catholic teaching that abortion is wrong even in cases of rape. National Catholic Register has a nice, brief , to-the-point article on that subject at this link : MESSAGE TO CARDINAL: Shut Up, They Explained .

The National Post is quoted in that article. They provide a clear summary of an inordinate trend in Canada (and much of the world today) ; an excerpt:

“For years now, this newspaper and other conservative outlets have been warning Canadians that the trend toward liberal dogmatism among much of Canada’s political class—buttressed by an out-of-control human-rights constabulary—is serving to muzzle religious Christians who are doing nothing else than giving voice to their cherished beliefs. The appalling reaction to Cardinal Ouellet’s speech demonstrates how serious the problem has become.”

Following the media outcry and blitz against Cardinal Ouellet, one voice spoke up to thank Cardinal Ouellet - a single voice which counts more than all the negative voices combined ; the voice of a woman who was conceived in rape. An excerpt and link follow:

“I am extremely grateful to and proud of Cardinal Ouellet for speaking up to defend the lives of those of us conceived in rape,” says Deborah Morlani, a wife, mother of five children, pro-life speaker, Catholic writer, registered nurse and grad student working on her Master of Theology degree.
. . . Morlani has responded to the backlash against the cardinal, relating how she was conceived when her mother was 16 years old and was sexually assaulted while on a date, and how grateful she is that her mother chose life.

Woman Conceived in Rape Thanks Quebec Cardinal for Abortion Statements


That such a law is even being considered fills my heart with hope.

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Meanwhile, most predictably, at the United Nations:

UN Slams Brazil Bill That Would Ban All Abortions

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