Brazil police official: Lochte made up story about robbery




What would be a motivation for telling a fabricated story?


Well, its a shame. Plus, the swimmers have brought shame upon the US as well. :frowning:

Apparently the swimmers had been out drinking and were inebriated. I have read, previously, that Olympic athletes once their events are over, treat the event as sort of a “Spring Break” vacation.

Why they would concoct a story about a robbery by fake police, I don’t know. Perhaps it was meant as a bit of revenge, i.e. American thinking themselves superior to the locals… :shrug:


They were drunk? Don’t really need more motivation than that sometimes.


His story sounded ridiculous even as he was telling it…


Maybe that’s why he’s now changed it!


Which, in turn, makes him look even more like he fabricated the story on this one. Ah, the cycle of self-propelled motivations! :shrug:


What’s the old saying. “O what a tangled web we weave; when first we practice to deceive.”


Class act by Lochte, scooting out and leaving your “friends” behind to have their passports seized and to take the heat, while you’re safe at home and treating it as a big joke. I wouldn’t blame Brazil if they held the other two indefinitely until Lochte manned-up and returned to face the music.


I heard the question asked today if Lochte had changed his travel plans, but didn’t hear an answer…


**US Olympic Committee apologizes for ‘distracting ordeal,’ 2 swimmers leave Brazil

This is such a disgrace. I’d like to see him stripped of his medals, but I don’t think that will/can happen.


It is truly sickening.

I think that the Olympic team should not be allowed to do whatever they feel like when representing our country. Supposedly they are adults, but in this incident, they showed lack of integrity, first for getting drunk, second for their destructive actions, and then for making up that ridiculous story to cover up for their own stupidity. Perhaps the team needs to have chaperones, because it is obvious some of them are too immature, despite their athletic abilities.

I also think Lochte should not be allowed to represent our country again.


I have a feeling Lochte thinks he can do whatever he wants, wherever he wants. Oh, and bye bye endorsements!

Bob Costas just said that he doesn’t think the games will be remembered for this, but Team USA has won an astonishing 100 medals. It’s a shame that these four knuckleheads have threatened to tarnish it.


Text of his apology:


Wow, he is insinuating that they/he did nothing wrong in destroying the bathroom and had a gun pointed at them for no reason at all.

It doesn’t really sound like he is taking responsibility for anything.


No, it doesn’t. I think maybe saying nothing would be better than this non-apology


Another athlete in need of a good PR firm or any PR firm. It’s real simple these days… say you’re sorry. Everyone loves a redemption story, no one likes a clear cut case of deny, deny, deny…


“Immature”??? He’s 32 years old! :rolleyes:


Obviously SOME Olympic athletes, such as Locke and his friends, do this, but I do hope you’re not suggesting ALL of them do.

That’s the other problem with Locke’s actions, they reinforce the “Ugly American” stereotype though I’m sure many non-Americans visiting Rio have engaged in similar behaviors.

I haven’t assumed athletes are role models since about the age of 18, but I also realize it is unfair to paint all athletes with the same brush.


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