Brazil president tosses condoms to carnival crowd

As a Brazilian, I am embarrassed to post this, but I am posting it anyways to show you how far a liberal president can go, and what he can do to the morals of a nation.
How much your hard-earned money is put into “good” use.

And this is in the biggest “Catholic” country in the world, what a scandal! The whole carnival thing is one big scandal. Catholic liberalism is a scandal.

Please be weary of where the left can take you. I don’t want this country (the USA) to ever get there.

Well, Barack Obama is too urbane to be seen handing out condoms himself. He’ll have Planned Parenthood and some gay rights organizations do it for him.

But I’ll bet Brazil is soon to become the number two government purchaser of condoms in the world. Unless I misjudge the “stimulus bill”, there are billions allocated to that and to abortion.

I’ve been going through double suffering for the liberal agenda that is taking place in the 2 countries I love. I do see better chances of a turn around here in the US though…
Abortion is legal here, but that is an anomaly. After getting to know the people, seeing statistics, etc, I’ve come to realize that this country, as a nation, is against abortion. The immense power that has been given to non-elected officials, to legislate from the bench, is the anomaly.

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