Brazilian Bishop believes covid-crisis a ‘sign from God’, dies of coronavirus. Report

This is reported at

This bishop provides view rarely seen.

God has a a strange sense of humor.

There is no way for anyone to determine what is a “sign from God”.

9/11 sure was a sign from God.

A sign American bureaucracy is terrible and any disaster can be used to seize power from the people.

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How do you know that? And a sign of what?

I think it’s possible tbh. It’s possible it’s random. But it’s possible God uses things to get people’s attention. In my life I’ve had a few difficult things happen. I think God could have used those to bring about positive change.

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How does you link answer my question of “how do you know”? Thinking that everything that happens is a sign from God for your particular issue is dangerous and absurd thinking.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord :pray:


May the bishop rest in peace.

It was certainly a sign from God to himself.

I wonder if Brazil is set up to do the antibody (plasma?) sharing like some countries are doing. Perhaps the bishop was too far along for that, but it’s sad to see a man of God die in his prime.

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