Brazilian Couple Receive Criminal Conviction for Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not permitted in Brazil. Scary.

“Although homeschooling is common in many countries, including the United States, and is associated with higher levels of academic achievement, it is completely prohibited in Brazil, the government of which has become increasingly intrusive in recent decades following the establishment of a socialist regime in the 1990s.”

Just to correct the article somewhat: There’s no socialist regime in Brazil. It was developing democracy from 1985 to 2000. After it held four or five stable elections, it’s now known as a model of Democracy in continent. There’s leftists in office but there’s also plenty of centrists as well.

Back to the article: Brazil is an odd place. It’s one of the last places in the world where Slavery is still a national problem. Perhaps the banning of homeschooling was in their best interest. Who knows? What works for one nation does not always work for another. Brazil has many problems that other nations do not even have to consider.

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Perhaps the banning of homeschooling was in their best interest.

That’s a SCARY comment!

Surely, they did not ban it for kicks. There had to be some reasoning behind it.

originally posted** by AJTheMan**
Surely, they did not ban it for kicks. There had to be some reasoning behind it.

Whatever could be a reason for a whole Nation taking every parents’ freedom to educate their own children away???

Socialism would be a reason.


Define “Socialism” plox.

Because heretics and pagans were homeschooling and the Catholic majority prevailed on the gov’t to ban it.

Probably not what happened here but it’s a reason.

Read the Communist Manifesto.

So you think socialism precludes democracy? Why?

This family should come here for political asylum.

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Read that last sentance again. The parents could lose their children and be thrown in jail if their boys don’t pass some government test. The pressure on the two boys must have been immense. The article goes on to say that the government officials were pulling out the stops and making the test harder and covering more areas that originally stated.

MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL, August 29, 2008 ( - In a surprise victory against government officials who sought to prosecute a homeschooling family for refusing to participate in the public school system, David and Jonatas Nunes have passed tests proving a high level of knowledge in a variety of subjects, including history, the natural sciences, the arts, sports, computing, and mathematics.

They have a 4 year old.

The only reason I can figure for a ban on homeschooling is that the government wants near total control of children, and desires to teach them the “state religion,” whatever it may be.

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