Brazilian soccer star: I married as a virgin

A shame that it’s not a Catholic who made the news…

Good for him :thumbsup:

Catholic or not, all Christians are all called towards chastity and purity. He and his wife are fine examples of Christian values! :thumbsup:

Of course, but the brainless supermodel was referring to the Church’s teachings.

Kaka is AWESOME!! He is a great soccer player – one of the best. This makes me admire him even more.

I’m a soccer fanatic so i know who Kaka is. I think whats really nice is to see a man who is a virgin when he marries. I’m not saying anything against men, but it’s unusual to see a man who waits until marriage. Great for him:thumbsup:

Kaka is married??? I think I’m going to cry…just kidding.

Wow I admire him for that, my brothers really like him and I’ll just have to mention that to them. I hope he and his wife have a long lasting beautiful marriage.


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