Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men


Sounds tempting to find a nice wife at first but after having second thoughts, it might not be the brightest move. :blush::eek:


Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men

Heh, they will be looking for a lo-o-o-ng time! :o

Sorry 'bout that. I couldn’t resist. :smiley:

Okay, the story is strange, but there is one particular aspect I don’t understand. Why is the town populated primarily by single women in their early 20s. Only a few would have grown up there, so where are they coming from? Why would they choose to live in an isolated community with few men, if they want to marry?



read this link above to get the reasons and the why’s.



That link seems to be the same as the one in the first post. That article doesn’t explain how a town can be primarily consist of young women. Even if men are not allowed to live there, a healthy percentage of the residents will be older women. And then there are the children, both male and female, who would comprise a good portion of the population.

The demographics do not make sense to me, although the article is a fun read.


The settlement dates back to the 1890s, when a young woman and her family were excommunicated from the Catholic church after she was accused of adultery.

Picturesque Noiva do Cordeiro grew up in the rolling hills near Belo Vale, in Minas Gerais state, after founder Maria Senhorinha de Lima was branded an adulterer after leaving a man she had been forced to marry.

She was chased out of town in 1891 after the Catholic church excommunicated her and the next five generations of her family.



The video was very clear. They kick the boys out when they turn 18 and only allow husbands to visit on weekends.



Kick the boys out at…
This is like some futuristic sci-fi movie. Or one of those late-night slasher films where the stranger’s car breaks down in an odd town, off the map…and then they discover…that the men “disappear” at 18…but there’s an unexplained graveyard at the edge of town…

I have to go down there and see this for myself.


  • “But the truth is that any incoming men have to follow all the guidelines that the women created, from town planning to farming, religion, and more.”…*
    …is the least strange thing of the whole story. It would be usual to expect foreigners coming into a new town to abide by their rules.



I knew I learned portuguese for a reason.



I haven’t found any web site written in Portuguese,saying they are looking for men. Maybe you do.
There are many sites explaining their origin,others have anthropological analysis of the community,and others explaining their development and struggles throughout their history,comments from visitors and they do have their own facebook.
Apparently,this is a socialist( though not purposely ) and matriarchal community. It is mainly cooperative.
The name means bride of the lamb,at least that is my translation from Portuguese to English,though I found no reference so as to its origin.

Though my first thought was " mmmm women saying whatever and men saying " not a problem" sounds good for vacations!" :wink: I must admit that though bizarre,this community is sociologically interesting to read about.


Wait, wait! Before you depart, would you be willing to view this segment about the community which was produced by Brazilian television? I don’t know what they are saying, but the video appears to be in high definition, which makes for pleasant viewing.


Oh, another video from the same Brazilian TV channel:

This one is longer and is more wide-ranging, showing more of life in the community (the picture quality is not as pretty, though)


Kicking the boys out sounds very similar to FLDS.


If Estevao does not return I ll help out with Portuguese which I can speak. My only difficulty is the accent of the lady in blue .Since.I am using my cel phone now , I will devote some.time translating using my PC with better audio.Besides this keyboard is soooo small…
I had no idea such community.existed. Brazil are our neighbours ,theirs is a beautiful country.


Here are the videos Coatimundi posted. My best,far from perfect summary.
I can’t pick out but loose words when the elder lady in blue speaks,her accent is difficult for me.
First video shows Noiva do Cordeiro is in a rural area in central Brazil . Its history goes back to XIX century. There live 250 isolated Women who work at home and in the fields and men return on weekends.
One of the ladies in the video explains that her mom was abandoned by her husband with 11 children so she moved to a big city nearby with her children . She said her mom was very naive and innocent and she went to live to a favela where her elder daughters where approached by traffickers . She remembers that somebody from Noiva do Cordeiro went to look for them and took them to their home in the community thus changing their lives.
The name of the community comes from the name given to the church they had after one of them married an evangelical pastor long ago,Bride of the Lamb(Bride of Christ). This is their fourth generation here.

Second video shows their routine. While some are having breakfast ,others are preparing lunch . Everything is done in cooperation. .
The video shows them in the fields.They know what to do, they have no leader ,it flows naturally,she says. They grow rice,manidioca,corn for their community and at the time of the video they had spent two years growing sweet pepper for commercial purposes.Now tangerine as well.
The man who appears in the video is one of 12 sibilings who says he learnt to count when he was 6 y.o there learning how many tins of water his siblings needed. He works in the fields and is kind of a natural scientist with plants.
They do hard physical work,in their leisure time you can see them sewing,embroidering. Either they use what they make or sell it to visitors or fairs downtown.
They teach their children and all artistic activity is carried out by family members,people who work in the fields.
As from 2006 they have Internet which became a window to the world. One of the women discovered Lady Gaga,studied her moves and gave shows out of town.
There intention now is to repair the house where their story started and keep it as a historical place.



Muito obrigado!

I could never have summarized those videos so well. What you wrote may encourage people to take a look at them, if they have not already. I hope they do.

May I ask a question? The first video shows the exterior of the church, from a distance and the camera slowly zooms in on it. Did the video say anything about their religious views or practice?


De nada! :curtsey:

They make reference to the name of the Church ,Bride of the Lamb,when Dona Adelina ( the elder lady in blue who speaks)married an Evangelican pastor when she was. 16 and he was 43 .
She is the grand daughter of Maria Senhorina da Lima who was the one who left her husband for Francisco Fernandes de Araujo,relative to Captain Fernandes de Araujo who had the task of building settlements in the XVII th century.
Dona Delina says in the video that her grandmother was excommunicated by the Catholic Church and as I understood her,for four generations(.?). A different link says that no document was found to prove she was ever excommunicated .

The best answer to your question is their facebook.

You can find the following in the About section:

Awards Nosso maior premio é conseguir viver sem brigas ou discordias, amar todos com igualdade, confiar sem sombras de dúvidas no nosso semelhante, ter fé em Deus e saber que não necessitamos de religião para ter a vida eterna.

My translation:

Our best prize is get to live without disputes or discordance,love everyone equally,trust without the shadow of a doubt in our neighbour,have faith in God and to know that we do not need religion to have eternal life.

I also read that apparently The telegraph had taken them out of context using the photo of their Lady Gaga performance to say they were looking for men,which they are not in the way it was published. The video also shows they are not all 20 to 25 and it clearly states over 200 in one,and nearly 250 women in other. Not 600 as the blog publishes.

Brazil,Brazil and their music and dance and wonderful natural landscape!


‘City of beauties’ belies international rumor ‘campaign for men’

"Please, you must help us debunk that rumor, "Rosalee asks. “This is a land of decent people.”

Bride of the Lamb is a rural area in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. “What happens is that our husbands work in BH during the week. But nobody here is desperate, no, sir, we are working,” she says.

I guess BBC news has fortunately put an end to a story that started by media taking pictures from their facebook while having a costume party and publishing them together with twisted information.


I wonder if we have good Catholic women in large groups like the ones in Brazil. Anybody know any group?:wink:

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