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Abortionist Kevin Gosnel is acused of numerous counts of murder, including the death of a immigrant woman who went to him for an abortion. “Legal” does not equate with “safe”, especially in this case as this clinic sounds like one of the worst descriptions of any “back alley” abortion. The place has been called the “House of Horrors” and what they found there may sicken you.

If you aren’t familiar with the case, you can read more about by it on LifeSiteNews, as they are one of the few that has covered the story. This article tells a little about the media silence and has more stories on the trial linked at the bottom.

Since abortion is often discussed here on the Moral Theology board, inspired by this Tweetfest, I decided to start a thread about this particular case.

Have you seen any major media nationwide stories about the Gosnel trial?
Do you feel a moral obligation to share about stories like this when the media ignores it?
And…will you share this story with others, to help spread the word about what happened at this abortion clinic?


I follow the story through LifeSite News. It’s gruesome. Worse, many people who do hear about it wonder what all the fuss is about. (A blogger today wondered aloud how this case would be covered if Dr. Gosnell killed dogs instead of babies…)

Gradually, though, more in the mainstream media are taking notice of this shocking story.


Yes. This should be diseminated to Protestants as well…


click on the news portion


I just heard Anderson Cooper will cover this tonight.


We also need to break the media silence about the Left Stream Media never covering the March for life in DC. 40 years of blackout.


The Washington POST has decided to send a reporter to cover the trial next week....


Thank you to anyone who joined in the “Tweetfest”! Lifesite ran an article about its success in helping to break the media’s silence about the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

As week five of the Gosnell trial is set to begin on Monday morning, the weekend saw a flood of news articles and blog stories concerning the gruesome murder trial after it was essentially ignored by the mainstream media for four weeks. The coverage was prompted by a ‘Tweetfest’ that trended in the number one spot on Twitter most of the day on Friday.


Saw stories in the last few days in the NY Times, Washington Post, CBS News, New York Post, NY Daily News, The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Huffington Post, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Trib, MSN News, etc, etc.



Sent a complaint to the BBC (UK) I don’t think it had anything to do with it, but today there is an article. What struck me is the word foetuses used to identify the babies who were born alive.


Last Friday’s Tweetfest helped to get press coverage for abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s trial. Today, (Wednesday 4/17) we are also being encouraged to share about this with others through social media.

The horrors continue to be examined in court. Testimony was heard on Tuesday from family members of the woman killed.
…Mongar was taken back to a room full of grungy, worn recliners where she would stay for the next five hours and was given some white pills by a woman. After that Mongar’s pain increased. She told her daughter, “It hurts all over the place.” Gurung went to get help and one of the women at the clinic gave her mother an IV. After that, she dozed in the recliner.
The Death of Karnamaya Mongar
At around 8:00 pm that night, Gurung was told the “doctor” was there and she would have to return to the main waiting room. She tried to wake her mother, before she left, but could not. After about an hour and a half, Gurang said she heard ambulance sirens. She and all family members of other patients were ushered to a second floor waiting room. Soon, her name was called and she was rushed by a clinic worker downstairs where she caught a glimpse of her mother in a tiny room laying on a bed. She was not allowed to go to her mother, but was taken into the parking lot where she began to sob with fright amid the confusion of the ambulance lights and people running about.
Damber later testified that he saw firemen with bolt cutters cut open a locked back door through which Mongar was removed from the clinic on a stretcher. Damber noticed Gosnell inside the clinic and asked him what happened, but Gosnell only replied, “The procedure is done. Your sister’s heart stopped.”
Sherry West, one of Gosnell’s employees, went with the family in their car to help guide them to the hospital. Eventually they were told that Mongar had died…


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