Break-up of California moves a step closer as billionaire gets enough signatures

I didn’t say every one of the articles contained everything. But while the first one doesn’t use the term “Aztlan”, it does say La Raza supports separatist organizations. Here, if you want to read about “Aztlan” specifically. Not all separatists call it that, though.

I don’t know what your system is at work, and can’t help it that the second article is blocked. Maybe it will only allow liberal sources.

I hope the break up of California happens
and all the liberal Californians who have
relocated to Arizona - move back.
Arizona needs a wall on its southern and western borders!


Love the idea…might help keep the overheated Zonies off our freeways as they escape the summer heat and clog our beaches.

I haven’t been to California since the 1990’s and have no desire to return.
I would say your freeways and beaches are clogged whether you have anyone from Arizona there. Most people I know now escape to Puerto Penasco in Mexico which is just across the border. It is cheaper and you don’t have to deal with the freeways and the beaches are prettier.

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Disputes or differences are usually settled best at the lowest level. For best representation of all parties concerned, I think this is a good idea. Actually I preferred the earlier version of 6 different states rather than the 3 that is being proposed now as this would better help address the rural areas. They typically share little to no connection in political agreement with the 3 major metropolitan areas.

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click here google you tube california

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three state reformulation

Agreed, Soros should stop meddling.

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While I do wish CA was added as a couple states rather than one,
not sure if splitting now will be fruitful. It will be very difficult.

It probably won’t show it because AIC is listed as a hate group by the SPLC. I can’t say whether I agree with that or not as there are groups they list I find fine and some they list which are horrendous but their rulings on the issue seem pretty hard to quantify.

Ah, the bete noire of the conspiracy theorist world old Soros himself.

You’re just ticked off because they have so many electoral votes going to the Democrats. I suggest we do away with the winner-take-all system so that EV represents the states better.

I could live with that sooner than the country having four more senators from California.

Yes, how dare they be proportionally represented.

If anything, it seems the western states are over-represented in the Senate. If you want oil pipelines built, for example, it’s best to spread them across many states rather than just one or two. More Senators, more votes.

Oh, that’s for sure. We really should think about making Wyoming, Montana and Idaho one state.


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