Breakaway Traditionalist Group Seeks Unity with Rome

The English leader of a breakaway traditionalist group has said that he wishes to be reconciled with the Catholic Church.


Wonderful to have them fully back in the fold:thumbsup:

I would read the comments from fellow readers on that article first.

Some issues raised over the fact this group supposedly has 73 bishops, 500 priests and a congregation of 8.5m…yet no-one seems to have a clue who they are.

Re-read the article. They are not back in the fold. The were never in it to start with, so didn’t break away to return. :frowning:

I am astonished that the Catholic Herald, which is a reputable news outlet, would print such an uncritical article about this group.

Here is the La Stampa article which seemed to motivate the Catholic Herald to provide coverage.

The strange case of “His Eminence” Bell

It seems like they are good with reunion as long as the Holy See doesn’t tell them what to do. :doh2:

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