Breaking a rule- is this a sin?


Probably a weird and slightly scrupulous sounding question, but I’ll feel better if I get opinions from others so I’m going to ask :o

I draw for people, and a person on a website asked for me to draw them something for another website. The drawing was for a contest, and I had asked them if it was against the rules for me to draw them the thing for the contest. They replied that they " “prefer” you use your own, but it isn’t necessary. Just to avoid hassle is rather not explain the situation, but it doesn’t violate any rules." Even though they said this I still suspected that it was against the rules, and drew for them and took payment (was only $5, but) anyways.

Just now I looked at the rules for the contest and saw it does say it must be created by the entrant.

Would it be a sin? I told them I no longer wanted to draw for them which they accepted, but I wasn’t sure if it would be a sin.

If so is it venial? mortal?

Should I donate the money I took? Unsure what to do!


At the time you did it, did you believe that what you did was wrong? Did you intentionally not find out what the rules were so you could still draw it and get paid?


Suspected it, but they told me it wasn’t and I still suspected it, but did anyways. I had looked for rules but couldn’t find them. Today I looked and actually did find them after I made an account on the website.


I suggest you ask your pastor or confessor.


Is there a chance it’s a mortal sin? I don’t want to ask until my next confession unless it’s absolutely necessary

Edit: I should also add the contest had no real prize, if that matters. It was a “virtual” game website and the only prizes are in game.


If it were a mortal sin you would know. For something to be a mortal sin, it has to be grave matter, you have to know for sure it is grave matter, and you have to freely choose it.

It sounds like you might have scrupulosity. Don’t worry about this. Ask you confessor next confession. It’s not a mortal sin, because if it were, you wouldn’t have to ask (assuming you already knew the three conditions for a sin to be mortal)


ok thank you. :slight_smile:

not sure i have scrupulosity (will make sure i am conscious about it just in case), but i was more confused on the church’s teachings on breaking rules others set. i read up in the forums here but never really found a clear cut answer.


Since you suspected it you should have looked up the rules first before agreeing to do so and accepting payment. As you participated in deception I would confess it. A venial sin . Of course this is just my humble opinion.


you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

If you are confused about what that teaching is, I suggest you ask your pastor or confessor that as well.


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