Breaking a vow/oath to God

Is it ok to break a vow or an oath that I made to God at the beginning of my conversion. It was an oath to be dedicated to Jesus and Mary my whole life. Looking back, I see it as kind of foolish now since the bible always mentions that man, cannot keep oaths or vows. What I am asking now, is it a sin to ask God that I want these oaths and probably some other ones I made foolishly, to be broken and hopefully for the Jesus and Mary one, be dedicated to them my whole like without being under an oath, seeing as how there might be some ups and downs of that dedication. Instead is it ok to ask God that I will try my best to be dedicated my whole life to Jesus and Mary? Also if there is any other oaths I made, is it ok if I ask for them to be broken too, and filled in with myself basically asking God" that I will try to be dedicated to the things I broke for the Oath, and basically not be under oath for them, but be dedicated to the oaths I do not remember making as well" ? If that makes sense.

Sorry if this is confusing, the holy spirit also said it is fine, and also gave me the idea of being dedicated Jesus and Mary without being under oath( I think)…

One can keep vows/oaths. But that is not the main question.

You may or may not have made an actual vow(s). Such are very particular matters.

Simply go to your Pastor and tell him what you did and that if it was a vow you wish to be released from it (I am not saying it was…).

In any case keep following Jesus - in him is true life.

Just speak to God from your heart. Pray for strength, grace. Do no fall into the belief that you can bargain with God. Trust God. Seek forgiveness if you fail.
But don’t make oaths and vows randomly.

It seems ridiculuous on the face of it to go to a Catholic priest and ask to be released from a vow of devotion to Jesus and Mary. Why not just go with it.

I acknowledge I will have low moments in my life for the vow, and I know something may happen, not that I want it to happen though.

But I am not baptized yet so I don’t think I can partake in sacraments.

As you stated that you have not been baptized yet. I personally think you are in a learning curve and that God would not judge you for making a "vow/oath as you don’t really know the seriousness of what a vow/oath, but will think of such long and hard in the future. As for thinking of sins in your head…sigh…don’t we all Peace and prayers for you.:coffeeread:

FYI: our priests find non-Catholics in the confessional all the time.
Mind you, I don’t advocate doing that. But people from all faiths sometimes end up at the end of a confessional line because they need guidance and don’t know where else to turn.
just sayin’.

Honestly I think you need to release the stress I read in your words and if this vow seems overwhelming then simplify. Find a simple prayer to the Holy Mother and another to Christ and just say those prayers everyday. That is something you can handle.

As your confidence grows add other prayers/devotions but don’t make anything a long term commitment other than your simple prayers. Grace and blessings will build slowly and you will get more and more confident in your spiritual relationships.

You have built this into a situation that seems overwhelming so start fresh, simple but committed.

God Bless

Did you intend to bind yourself under pain of sin? It does not sound like you did. If you did not that is not a vow.

Here is another thread where you say you are a Catholic as well.

Baptism is the first step in the Christian walk. While I affirm your continued searching for a clearer understanding of your faith, being baptized is the initial “dedication to Jesus” and entry into the Catholic/Christian Faith. If you have not been baptized go to the local parish, or have your parents take you, and get baptized.

I can tell from your posts you have a difficult time with things. I will continue to keep you lifted in prayer.

Knowing now that your not yet a baptized Catholic - you will need to note this.

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