BREAKING: Archbishop of Canterbury to Resign

BREAKING: Archbishop of Canterbury to Resign

Dr Rowan Williams, 61, has been the head of the Church of England for about 10 years and although he is eligible to remain in the position until the age of 70, he is considering quitting, according to sources.

Friends of the archbishop say that having overseen a period of turbulence in the church, he is considering a life of academia, British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Hmmm. From Canterbury to Catholic? :stuck_out_tongue:


Confirmed now on the BBC News website

Just what you need, one more liberal cafeteria Catholic.

In fact it looks like a retirement, not a crises in faith (although under his watch the church became something of a shipwreck).

I’m not sure how much of that can be laid at his door. What was he supposed to do? He’s no Pope, you know.

Indeed, I would not covet his difficult position, and I wish his successor God’s aid: he’s going to need it.

It was already in very shallow water when he took up the post.

Now his successor will have to fight off the scavengers.

I agree he’s no Pope, and I believe he should not try to be, but he could have set a better standard of orthodoxy. His position on a couple of issues indicated that he was in great personal sympathy with the direction the Episcopal church in the USA and the Anglican church in Canada had taken. I can hardly believe that Tony Blair would have picked such a man, but perhaps it was more political than a personal decision on his part.

It has been my understanding that the man was a great academic in his pre-Canterbury years.

The article says that

(he is taking) the position of Master of Magdalene College at the University of Cambridge from January next year, his website says.

That doesn’t seem to imply any change of denomination.




The Anglican Church was in bad shape when he took it over, and though it is in worse shape now, it is nothing that couldn’t have been predicted at the time. It only stands to get worse unless something major is done.

Sic transit gloria mundi!

I imagine there might be Anglicans in the world who hold a higher view of their faith and church than your opinion is of it, who would beg to differ.

Yes, I hear it’s easy to imagine many things.

Sadly, the agony of the Anglican Communion is analyzed and dissected; all the while we are suffering from all the divisions. What we need is less criticism and more prayer–especially for the next Archbishop.


That the Anglican Church is in bad shape is objective truth. The archbishop even gave it as one of his reasons in the article that was quoted.

That the Anglican Church was also in bad shape 10 years ago is again, objective truth, again it is mentioned in the article.

That the the situation within the Anglican Church will only continue to worsen unless something major is done seems - at least to me - to logically flow from these two facts. Generally speaking if things are bad, and over a ten year period only get worse, then without change one can predict with not-so-stunning accuracy, that things will get even worse.

So tell me, what part of my post was so objectionable?
As a former Anglican, whose family is Anglican, I’ve never met an Anglican who thought everything was swell.


Things are in bad shape and we are in desperate need of prayer. As more and more conservative Anglicans leave the Anglican Communion; and more and more liberals enter the Anglican Communion; it’s disturbing to imagine what the communion will look like even after a few more years.


I realize you’re Orthodox and I confess I know less about your faith that I do some others. So perhaps everything is swell in yours. But I’m uncertain everything is swell in some other faith communities either. Even the Catholic Church, purported to be Christ’s one and only true Church on earth by Catholics has had Her share of problems surface over time. But beyond your criticism, I think it was the use of the word “scavengers”, by which it at least appeared to me you were referring to some Episcopalians, which I found somewhat objectionable. I know this has not been the case across the board but in correspondence with Episcopal clergy in my area there has been little dissension and no exodus of churches from what I’ve been told. And these folks while of a diffferent one than yours to be sure, are people of faith. Striving to live out their faith to the best of their ability. In any case God bless you as well along your faith journey and peace.

I absolutely agree. The Anglican Communion is in need of help. I believe that if it is to come, it will come from Africa.

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