BREAKING: Arizona committee scraps Democrat’s bill lifting infanticide ban

PHOENIX, Arizona, February 20, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Amid intense protests from hundreds of Arizonans, an Arizona House committee voted Wednesday to reject proposed legislation that would have repealed long-standing legal protections for infants who survive abortions in that state.

Democrat state Rep. Raquel Terán had introduced House Bill 2696 with the intent of repealing a 2017 law requiring abortionists to attempt to resuscitate any baby “delivered alive,” defined as displaying breathing, a heartbeat, umbilical cord pulsation, and/or voluntary muscle movement. Abortion defenders objected that it would go too far in applying to fetal-abnormality cases.

But thanks to what Terán calls a “drafting error,” her bill would have repealed the entire 1975 law the 2017 act modified, thereby erasing the state’s basic requirement that doctors use all “available means and medical skills” to save infants after botched abortions.

Good for Arizona. What an evil.


Another democrat not protecting the innocent. I live in Arizona and had not even heard of this bill. Thankfully it was

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It sounds like this change was on the core Dem agenda, it was being pursued in multiple states concurrently.

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As much as it is distasteful to some, I think this is basically Planned Parenthood’s agenda, thus, a special interest of the Democrat party. I think this is all Planned Parenthood and the way they treat the baby/fetus is a bit the way one might get rid of their car. They cover everything, even the moments after death.

This happened this past week as well:
I Met President Trump and Represented Almost 270 People Who Have Survived Abortions
National Melissa Ohden Feb 15, 2019 | Washington, DC

I can’t wrap my mind around such evil…as if it’s not evil enough to kill the baby in the mothers womb…but on the off chance it does survive birth…then kill it?? evil is not strong enough word…how can any human being subscribe to that…but they do

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Just think about this: the left was more upset at the VA governor about having worn blackface than about his seemingly pro-infanticide comments.


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