BREAKING: Cardinal Burke calls for Consecration of Russia to Immaculate Heart of Mary

And it’s on his Facebook page as well :thumbsup:

If he felt this was a helpful thing for the Pope to do at this time, couldn’t that be communicated by private email to the Pope?

Is there anything in the Fatima revelations supporting mobilizing laity to petition the Pope demanding some action?

Is there anything said or written by St. JP II that the consecration was incomplete? Who would know better than him, keeping in mind he reigned for 2 decades afterwards.

The person now, who is in the best position to evaluate the status of response to any private revelation, is Pope Francis. No “expert” is above him.

I never quite understood the idea of the “consecration of Russia.” What does that mean? What do the Orthodox think of the idea? Wouldn’t the idea that the Roman Catholic Church sees to their spiritual well-being be something of an affront to the Orthodox?

And why Russia? It’s a temporal power. It’s a political entity. It’s borders drawn on a map, just like all the other countries in the world. Russia at the time of the revelations was a very different place from what it is today.

Sorry. I just don’t believe in it.

The way I heard it St Lucia was satisfied with Saint John Paul II’s consecration of the world. And I agree that Russia is probably doing ok thank you under the care of Mary et al. through the Orthodox Church. But I saw a good comment - would the Catholic Church care if the Orthodox Church consecrated the West to Mary? Is it an insult? It’s just kind of weird I think. That said, I am completely with Cardinal Burke in theory - can’t hurt, can’t get much worse. Go for it I say. Might want to include the RCC too while they are at it.

St. John Paul II already did this. I do not know if Cardinal Burke think the consecration made by this great saint was not good enough, or if it needs to happen again, or what, as all I have is a news article from a dubious and unreliable source. Even the quote from which the title is taken is an incomplete sentence devoid of context.

I am kind of the opinion that when it comes to Fatima some people lose their perspective, and for some, nothing will ever be good enough or quite what the Church needs. Acknowledging anything of this sort would undermine their feelings of being special. Fatima mysteries have become a type of modern Catholic Gnosticism.

I think that conspiracy theories in general are kind of Gnosticism.

I’m skeptical of anything on Lifesite News. It’s not the most reliable source.

Is there any other Catholic news outlet reporting this like EWTN or CNA?

I have mixed feelings about Fatima. I confess to not really knowing anything about it until the last few years, so I am not a devotee. But I also pick up on the Fatima resistance/dismissal vibe too. I am not really in either camp. I lean toward the believers pretty heavily. And I think the 3rd vision or mystery or whatever is about the fall of the Church in some fashion - it is Mary’s seeds’ to save. Russia as a threat I think has been surmounted, speaking historically, and in terms of Christianity. The enemy is within.

It’s my understanding that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate heart of Mary by St Pope John Paul II, but it was late.

Pope John Paul II on 25 March 1984 consecrated Russia and the world in a public ceremony at St. Peter’s in Rome; the consecration was in the form of a ‘whole-world consecration’ that included the participation of the Catholic bishops throughout the world. Cardinal Bertone said to the press many times that the message of Fátima was finished. Cardinal Bertone reported that Lúcia dos Santos had said that the consecration requested by the Virgin Mary had been fulfilled and accepted in Heaven, and that everyone should live out the consecration personally by faithfully wearing the brown scapular.

When these were written, there was no way of knowing that Russia and the USA after World War II would be the main super powers with Nuclear weapons. It is only through the fall of Communism with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 that something much worse did not ensue, like Nuclear war.

Russia is now very orthodox, whilst there may be problems (like any Country), I believe there is a massive difference.

Unfortunately due to the late consecration, the errors of communism did spread and are still around today in places like North Korea and China.

I hope this has helped

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The Blessed Mother’s specific request was that the Pope in union with all the Bishops of the World would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the same time. This is what Cardinal Burke want’s to see done. No controversy or conspiracies involved.

It was done by St Pope John Paul II. Unfortunately it was late though, and the errors of communism spread e.g. North Korea and China.

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Firstly, I agree with view that the news source quoted is one that is not noted for it’s accuracy at times and that we seem to have limited information. Secondly, there are no controversies or conspiracies beyond manufactured ones involved, the Church has said the consecration has been done, that is the end of the matter. I rather tend to agree with PNewton’s point that there seems to be a stubborn refusal to let this matter drop that keeps going on and on.

I trust the Church on this, that it was ‘sufficient’ for the requirements requested at Fatima when Pope St. John Paul II did a consecration in 1982 and 1984. However. it is certainly not impugning him, or disrespectful, to ask for a consecration of Russia, and the world, at this time. It’s not as if we don’t really ‘need’ to offer this (or anything else) with the idea that it’s already ‘been done’. Seriously. Are we never to ask for consecration of the world to Mary’s Immaculate Heart ever again? Have there been instances throughout history when nations were consecrated to God through Our Lady and then later, by the same Popes even, a repeat consecration was done? Yes, there have been. Why should this be different?

No problem, then. It was done on 3/24/1984. St. John Paul said that is what he did. This was accepted by Sister Lucia.

Here is a timeline from EWTN

I think the biggest evidence of this consecration was that the great error of communism and its active spreading of this area ceased, giving a time of peace from Russia.

Here Jimmy Akin addresses this issue:

One of my concerns is the number of schismatic sites that pull up when this topic is searched. I do think it an area that Catholics need to be cautious with, and as with all such controversial topics, look only to Rome.

True, I wouldn’t push ‘consecration’ again though, since it lends to the idea that it hasn’t been done, which is incorrect, I would certainly encourage further prayers for Russia, The West and the rest of the world though.

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So…the consecration would have ended Communism in the Soviet Union?

I don’t buy it.

But just because something is done once doesn’t mean it cannot be done again, And doing it again does not imply it wasn’t ‘done right the first time’. We have many examples from the 9th century onward where places, countries, and the world itself were consecrated to God (through the Blessed Virgin) and then at some point later, were consecrated again. I believe even in recent history that Pope Pius XII consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart in 1942, and then again in 1952.

So why all the fuss about asking for a consecration in 2017? It’s been 33 years since 1984, an entire ‘generation’ born since then, why not have a consecration?

Why Russia in particular? Firstly, the majority of Orthodox like my wife are indifferent to the whole process, others like my wife’s late great-grandmother found it obnoxious the first time around and suggested that the ‘Latins’ as she referenced Catholics should keep their nose out of Russia lest they got it cut of as in times past when they became too nosy. Those are the two most common reactions I’ve encountered regarding the whole affair in Russia, either people don’t care or they regard it as patronising. Given tensions between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches throwing fuel on that particular fire seems to be most unwise. However whether that is even what is happening is debatable as the new source is one that has very questionable as regards it’s veracity in the past and I would be very, very slow to trust much from them any more.


I buy it, Russia has changed dramatically.

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