Breaking: Equifax: US charges four Chinese military 'hackers'

Equifax: US charges four Chinese military 'hackers’

The US has charged four Chinese military officers over the cyber-attack of credit score giant Equifax.

More than 147 million Americans were affected in 2017 when the alleged hackers, who are members of the Chinese Liberation Army (PLA), stole personal data including names and addresses.

“This was one of the largest data breaches in history,” said Attorney General William Barr.

The BBC seems to think this is a big deal, at the least, seeing that these 4 Hackers are Chinese Army is a big deal. Maybe some countries will rethink being involved in Huaweii.

I heard on the radio today they would be charged but
probably not extradited. So nothing will happen to

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The USA has also charged Russian hackers with election interference. In both that and this case I imagine no one will actually see ti.e in court. Makes me feel like it is procedural more than strategic or for any other end.

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