BREAKING: Gay ‘marriage’ passes in New York

Does any one know the outcome?

Evidently some minor tweaks are being made:

The measure needs only one more vote to pass the Republican-led Senate after being approved by the Democrat-dominated Assembly last week. Talks hinge on the concerns of undecided senators that religious individuals who refuse services to same-sex couples could be sued.

On Wednesday, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he had seen a draft version of a bill that would broaden protections for religious objectors and called it "acceptable."

But Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who personally opposes same-sex marriage but has said he would allow it to come up for a vote, said Senate Republicans had not discussed the marriage proposal as they were focused on other issues.

I fear that protections for religious objectors is only for ministers, not also public officials. Being a justice of the peace may be morally problematic now.

OTOH, I wonder if this is not a good compromise. Maybe compromises like this would prevent legislation that might lead to Christian persecution from taking hold.

You mean like pharmacists dispensing birth control pills or pharmacy cashiers ringing up condom sales?

Exactly but abortion pills not birth control; and I personally don’t have an issue with condoms though I think for unmarried people abstinence is the way to peace.

I read they are trying to extend protections to caterers, but no word on justices of the peace.

Though New York is a relative latecomer in allowing gay marriage, it is considered an important prize for advocates, given the state’s size and New York City’s international stature and its role as the birthplace of the gay-rights movement, which is said to have started with the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village in 1969.
The effects of the law could be felt well beyond New York: Unlike Massachusetts, which pioneered gay marriage in 2004, New York has no residency requirement for obtaining a marriage license, meaning the state could become a magnet for gay couples across the country who want to have a wedding in Central Park, the Hamptons, the romantic Hudson Valley or that honeymoon hot spot of yore, Niagara Falls.
Gay-rights advocates are hoping the vote will galvanize the movement around the country and help it regain momentum after an almost identical bill was defeated here in 2009 and similar measures failed in 2010 in New Jersey and this year in Maryland and Rhode Island.

Really, we are witnessing very strange things coming into effect faster than we could imagine.

The results of an irresponsible presidential election has brought America all kind of head and heartaches. Americans have a leader who rejoices chasing the innocent in the womb, as his hallmark and in order to win the vote he does not hesitate to challenge God.

We are living very critical moments and for this reason, we should not waste time but invest every second imploring Almighty God for His Mercy. Let’s be witnesses of His love.

St. Thomas More pray for us at these moments when Satan is defying our Creator.

So, faithful Catholics, how many more of our sacraments do you want to turn over to the state for safekeeping?

How about Holy Orders? Lets let the government decide who can be ordained and who cannot. How about the Eucharist. Maybe when Cuomo signs this into law and the bishops tells him to stay away from the altar, he can introduce legislation that makes it a Constitutional right to be able to receive the Eucharist.

C’mon Scott, everyone knows marriage is just a piece of paper.

It’s times like these I’m ashamed of living in NY state. :frowning:

I’m so upset about this, though not surprised. Michael Voris at has a great video about this (well, gay “rights” in general). It’s worth watching, especially with what’s going on as we speak (type).

For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us, and on the whole world. :crossrc:

Well ya, for same sex “unions” it is. This is the problem that I have with Christians looking to the state to protect their religious institutions. The state has no interest in protecting the sanctity of anything. Two men have as much chance of engaging in a licit marriage as I do of turning into a hippopotamus.

It’s official. 33 for, 29 against. :frowning:

Time for a Proposition 8 in NY.

Lord have mercy. :frowning:

Yes it just passed moments ago 33-29. The first state body controlled by Republicans to do so. True conservatives should be celebrating tonight. Keeping government out of the lives of people.

How so - they just dictated the definition of marriage is to include homosexuals.

How is government regulating even more relationships than previously keeping government out of peoples lives? True conservatives would have voted to do away with state interference in marriage not broadening government control.

Good to see our state which cannot make decisions on budgets and governing issues can make decisions on what lobby groups pressure for.

Plus the very scientific conclusion that “More importantly, studies show that those 40 and older become increasingly opposed to same-​sex marriage, which is often cited as the ultimate reason why, over time, same-​sex marriage equality is inevitable.”

Because older people in an increasingly aging state who will outnumber younger people will die off…someday…not withstanding longer lifespans…eventuall old people will die, so may as well not count them.

p.s. my sarcasm is showing :wink:

NY is controlled by Democrats.

Despite losing a handful of seats, Democrats still hold the hammer of an overwhelming majority in the state Assembly.

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