Breaking in the habit video on Exodus hurts my faith

Some Of Those who constantly question Sacred Scriptures
are the ones whom IMO are to be viewed with suspicion…

They come across very IMO non- even anti- Christian. .

I agree wholeheartedly. Not to knock Biblical scholarship, but I know myself and if I let myself question every detail in the Bible my faith isn’t strong enough to handle the doubt that rises as a result.

I’m sure others can walk that line, but as for me, I can’t.

I dig yer style, Governator )

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I’m okay with questioning some small details. For example, someone might get a year wrong. And I really don’t believe people used to live 900 years, I tend to think it was a different way of calculating time or the number had some significance other than actual age.

The major events I have no problem with though. There’s simply too much archaeology out there that we haven’t discovered and may never discover, to write things off as myths. And to the extent that many cultures had some of the same myths, who’s to say that wasn’t God providing some private revelations to spiritual people in far-flung areas of the earth.


As the comedian Henny Youngman would say: “I went to the doctor and told him my right arm hurts when I raise it. The doctor told me not to raise my right arm.” Good advice to the OP, I believe: don’t watch this kind of video if it hurts your faith.

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Yep, pretty much the same here.

I will say I am similar to the OP. While I have zero problem with others who read the large events of the OT as strictly allegorical or otherwise, it does bother me when they present it as the default view. As in, “Well of course, the stories are allegorical.” I see no issue with the stories being applicable in a literal and allegorical sense.

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And in this particular case… the connection between Jesus’ sacrifice and the Passover lamb could be undermined.

Indeed! We seem to live in a generation which stares at the ditch rather than the destination. The ditch is uncontroverted reality. That does in no way infer that we should desire to travel there, or even spend irreplaceable time examining it.

Walking in the woods, do we examine and occupy ourselves with the bear, or avoid the bear?

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Do you remember the storms in US recently? And how the ocean pulled back and people walked the bottom of the sea?
So what is described in Exodus is very possible and not as unthinkable as it appears.

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If God has the power to create the universe and life, he has the power of final edit. The words I read in the Bible; are the words that God intends me to read; because they are the word of God.

I just trust in God and search for a greatest good meaning; reading the Bible is a life time journey.

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