Breaking: It’s Now Officially Cool to Hate Pokémon Go



Breaking: It’s Now Officially Cool to Hate Pokémon Go

If you’ve stepped outside recently, you’ve probably seen, heard, or dodged many a Pokémon Go player. Or you’ve been that guy, too busy catching a Squirtle to notice your bus just came and went. But in just over a week, Pokémon Go is showing the signs of being too big not to fail. Public opinion on the game seems to have shifted from rabid enthusiasm/bemused tolerance to rabid enthusiasm/crankiness and general scorn. At this very moment, social media is taking particular snarky glee in telling Pokémon Go to, well, get a life.

When you have thousands of people heedlessly charging through the streets with their noses glued to their phones claiming that they’re engaging with the world and their fellow man, the doors to mockery and derision are wide open. Which is not to say that augmented reality isn’t the future of gaming (it’s certainly not going anywhere) or that Pokémon Go isn’t fun. But it may just be fad, a stepping stone on the way to something bigger and more universal, like Draw Something was to Snapchat. In the interim, though, prepare for a lot of sassy memes from both camps.


I am not a big fan of fads in general. I like to go against what is popular.


Pokemon has been around for 20 years…


I’ve read some pretty concerning things in regards to privacy with that application.


Father won’t let Pokemon Go players in to get Poke-whatever. :D! It actually makes me quite happy.


I don’t have a problem with people having a little fun, rather than boozing it up in the local pub.

Let the kids be kids. Life is too serious already.

And curmudgeons are always uncool.:cool: It is part of the definition of being a curmudgeon.:slight_smile:


Pokemon go where?


I lost my interest in this when Smogon banned Hoopa-Unbound. It was a good wallbreaker. I don’t like Volcanion, since I could not fit it on my team.

Meh, I was never interested in Pokemon Go.

That person should have said the Euromaidan was stupid.


That’s a funny pic, I really needed that :smiley:
And yes, this fad becoming a lot like a zombie epidemic!


Thanks for saying it Darryl. It should be said again.

So here’s me offering an echo to that.


There needed to be an option for “don’t give a flip.”




This game is causing us a lot of annoyance at work. The constant calls for trespassing and in a few cases, burglaries in progress, because the “Pokemoners” refuse to respect private property, is a serious drain on our resources. Add to that the fact that they are walking the streets at 3 in the morning and not watching for traffic and we’ve had quite a big problem from “kids having fun”. Not to mention, the majority of these individuals are people in their thirties and forties. Teenagers are the minority, at least in my area.


A lot of people in my workplace also play this game. I am talking about adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s. That’s all they talk about. Boring.


LOL at least they made it clear that they are card carrying members of the " get off my lawn" crowd.


I’m glad it makes you happy, the local protestant church has a big sign outside inviting pokemon go players to come in.


It doesn’t bother me that much.


It’s connected to google, and what happened was there was set up to allow complete access to one’s google account. It’s been fixed.

I’m actually playing with my son. :blush:

He’s liked pokemon for years. I have no clue about the various ones, except Picachu.


From a Judge: Ugh! A Pokémon was just captured on the defense table in my courtroom, by a defense atty. Not kidding.


Yeah, our Parish church is a Pokémon Go gym (whatever that is). I just hope some crazy Pokémon Go player doesn’t come in during Mass and walk up to the altar trying to play the game. Just sit in the back pew, friend, and fiddle with your phone.


Pokemon Go is cool, and if you don’t think it’s cool its because either 1. you are uncool or 2. you haven’t tried it yet.

Seriously, it’s a lot of fun. Me and my boy like catching the creatures. No, this is not our first time to go outside in 5 years.

It’s fun! Don’t be a scowl face!

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