Breaking lenten pennace


Is this sinful? If so, is it mortal?


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Is this sinful? If so, is it mortal?


What exactly do you mean?

If for example yesterday, Ash Wednesday, you deliberately ate meat, or did not fast (and were of an age to do so), it was sinful. It could even be gravely so.

If on the other hand you accidentally ate meat, or forgot, and did not deliberately choose to break the fast or abstinence, it was not sinful.

Now, if you chose a lenten penance to last for the REST of Lent (say, you gave up chocolate for Lent), but hey, it's Valentines Day and you were really tempted by that giant Hershey kiss so you ate it --the penance is voluntary. You are not bound to it under pain of sin. If you thought as you scarfed down the chocolate, "I think this is really bad but I'm doing it anyway" it's becomes a venial sin because you INTENDED to sin even if you thought it was wicked, but you should talk to the priest and ask him for guidance so that you don't make the same kind of mistake with greater sin.

But if you didn't really think 'This is wrong" but just, "well, it's only once, I'll give up coffee and sweets tomorrow to make it up', again, since it is voluntary, that is something you can do.

It's the intention to really deliberately do wrong (even if it's not that bad) which would be the problem.

So if you ate candy, don't beat yourself up, ask God to help keep you focused on Him, and keep on trying.


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The penance imposed by the Church is not voluntary–but you could get a dispensation from your pastor for sufficient reason.

The penance you choose is voluntary, and can be voluntarily changed or ended. That’s between you and God.


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