Breaking: Multiple people shot inside Holocaust Museum

WASHINGTON (AP) - Authorities say at least two people have been shot at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

D.C. police spokeswoman Traci Hughes says a person walked into the museum with a rifle and shot a guard. Hughes says the shooter was also shot.

Hughes says the victims’ conditions were not known. Both were being taken to a hospital.
U.S. Park Police gave slightly different information, saying three people had been shot.


At least three people were shot today at Washington’s Holocaust Museum, after an 89-year-old white supremacist entered the building and opened fire “indiscriminately”.

The gunman has been identified as James Von Brunn.

Looks like he had is issues:

According to NBC, the man who shot a security guard and potentially one to two other people at the Holocaust Museum today is 89-year-old James W. Von Brunn. Von Brunn maintains a white-supremacist Web site, The biography of Von Brunn on the site states that he spent over six years in federal prison for attempting to “place the treasonous Federal Reserve Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citizens arrest.” A World War II veteran and resident of Maryland, Von Brunn is the author of a pamphlet entitled “Kill the Best Gentiles: A new, hard-hitting exposé of the JEW CONSPIRACY to destroy the White gene-pool.” He is a Holocaust denier who has written that “Hilter’s worse mistake” was that “he didn’t gas the Jews.”

It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who actually think this way and would do things like this. We live in a fallen world indeed.

I pray for the Security guard speedy recovery.

This is just a couple of streets from where I am. I’m in shock.

Looks like a number of people know about him:


Via Zack Seward’s Twitter feed, James Von Brunn apparently edited Wikipedia to identify the wife of WWII-era Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Rose Frances Witz, as an “Orthodox Jew.”

TPM finds that Von Hull was one of those who believe President Obama is not a citizen.

And apparently author Tom Clancy had a correspondence with Von Brunn, whom Clancy called, "an ***. I tried to reason with him and failed."

My son’s class took a field trip there from MN last month.

He said it was the most amazing experience.

My daughter was there exactly one week ago to the day and time - kind of makes you stop and think. She was really moved by the experience of the museum. Hope no one was injured too seriously by this man. God be with the victims and their families.

Guess Janet Napolitano is right…:frowning: Prayers to all involved, just terrible.

Lileks on the Holocaust Museum shooting: “The fact that the Holocaust Museum has several armed guards tells you why we need a Holocaust Museum.”

it is hard to fathom why people do things like this, but history shows we really shouldnt expect it to stop. but what does this point serve other than to marginilize the man. yes he was obviously a nut, but that doesnt mean everything he believed was wrong.

The security guard has died.

Actually I am surprised at the similarity between some of beliefs of far-right Conservatives and WN, militia members, domestic terrorists, etc.

Many of their sentiments can just be cut-and paste from one site to another and there would be no difference at all. . .

He is a 9/11 ‘truther’ who hated ‘neo-cons’, Bush, and McCain.

For some: This is Personal.

Museum Guard Dies After ShootingHolocaust

Godspeed, Stephen Tyrone Jones

I said SOME. For instance:

  1. Talk of succession
  2. defense of symbols of the Confederacy and “southern Pride.”
  3. Disdain for Hate Crime legislation.
  4. Mis-use of the terms Socialism and Communism when descibing some government assistance programs.
  5. Disdain for the MSM- believe in media conspiracies.
  6. Justification of violence under specific circumstances.
  7. Talk of possible positive consequences of revolution.
  8. Vehement speech of forceful (armed and deadly) patrols of US border by CITIZENS.

I thought of these of the top of my head- the most common to come up here on CAF.

My post is directed at the most virulent not the majority- just a few. .

1-3 so thats well with in our rights
4 is very subjective, just as many refuse to call a spade a spade when faced with real socialism/communism
5 i havent seen any proof to the contrary(obama is a god, it was our duty to get him elected)
6-ok valid point
7 because that could never happen. only bad cam from the original u.s. revolution huh?
8 again violence bad

I simply stated I was struck by the similarities between the stated views and I continue to be.

But regarding the OP. Thank God for this hero Mr. Jones. Lord be with him and his family and have mercy on the shooter.

then i misunderstood you. seeing a similarity isnt the same as where i thought you were going with it. sorry about that.

and yes lets be thankful that this wasnt as bad as it could have been. there were a lot of children there today.

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