Breaking News: Clinton's emails were indeed classified


“An intelligence community review has re-affirmed that two classified emails were indeed top secret when they hit Hillary Clinton’s unsecured personal server despite a challenge to that designation by the State Department, according to two sources familiar with the review.”


You know what will be most surprising? That people will either be (1) surprised about this or (2) still come up with ways to defend and excuse it.



A very appropriate response :thumbsup:




I was thinking the same thing!!


I believe the unofficial position of most Democratic voters in America is “Who Cares”.


my bud just lost his destiny record by 19 freaking seconds


But, but, but, she’s still a Butt!


Well I guess as long as FOX News says so. Just as long as these parts of the story are not overlooked.

“The findings have been transmitted to the State Department, which continues to challenge the intelligence community’s conclusions about the classification of all the emails.”

“While the classification finding is important, the central issue is whether the FBI investigation concludes there was or was not a criminal violation.”

So until former Secretary Clinton is charged with a crime, Seamus L is about right I guess. I’m with Bernie on it. I’m tired of hearing about her emails with so many other issues to concern myself with. But opponents of Hillary Clinton, some of whom have been trying to bring her down since her days as First Lady, then as a US Senator, then as a Presidential candidate, then as Secretary of State, and now as a candidate again for President would never vote for her under any condition anyway.

:coffeeread: So get back with me when she is charged with a crime. Then there may be another issue to talk and read about.


Bernie Sanders doesn’t. :rolleyes:


The were not “classified”

They were TOP SECRET!

If she’s elected President, I’ll be seeking recommendations of a different nation to move to.


Who did FOX quote as the source of this item?


And vote for her to boot!:eek:


Their usual source—anonymous.


:rotfl: :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: :rotfl:

Honestly, these kinds of politicians are king midas in reverse, everything they touch turns to coal I’d say.


If I had done what she did with Classified Documents, I would be out of a job.:mad:


and in jail and being sued


Well I suppose one way to keep her out of the job of being President of the United States would be to put her jail.

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