Breaking News: Four people hurt in Albuquerque Catholic church stabbing

Praying for everyone involved.

Lord have mercy.

I am thankful that you were not at that Mass because if you had been there, you could have been in danger.

But anyway, I’m not going to speculate any more on the motivations or the cause of this attack but I do hope to find out what the motivation is once any motivation is discovered.

I am going to continue to pray for all involved.

Are you kidding? Hatred of Catholicism is the last and only acceptable prejudice left in the world. No hate crimes for us since we are beneath contempt.

I fear this type of thing will become more common as time goes on.

I always chuckle when people call the pentagram a sign of the devil since it is very common in church architecture, signifying Christ and Christian theology. It wasn’t until very recently that the upside down star was deemed of the occult. Also, how do you tell which direction was intended on a wrist tattoo. It could be arm up or arm down. The view also changes if you are first person or not.

I noticed that they said he had a tattoo of an upside down star on his wrist which I don’t know for sure, but I think it may have been this symbol:

I am not entirely sure but I think that is an Occultic symbol.

More true than not. Being anti-Christian, especially anti-Catholicism, is becoming widely accepted, and even expected. This isn’t just “Oh I disagree,” it’s blatant insults, unabashed mocking and dismissals.

Agree. And the spirit world is as real as the physical with two diametrically opposed forces. Bad and good, dark and light. Many years ago when I was in a prayer cenacle, a few of us attended a service by a young priest who was known for special gifts. He would pray over certain people and three of us from the group actually felt (discerned) fear. He later told us he was not at all surprised at how frightened we had become.

**Lawrence Capener Stabbed Albuquerque Churchgoers, Police Say; 4 Sent To Hospital

**ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Lawrence Capener was shaking hands with his fellow churchgoers at Sunday Mass, exchanging the traditional peace offerings when people next to him noticed something strange – his hands were quite sweaty and clammy. Then, as the choir began singing a hymn to wrap up Mass, the man bolted from his pew, ran to the choir area and started stabbing the choir leader and others, witnesses said.

This is an update to the story from the Huffington Post.

According to Yahoo News, the attacker believed the choir director was a Mason.
He’d just come from vandalizing a Masonic hall.

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