BREAKING NEWS: May 22 now ‘Harvey Milk Day’ in California

Schwarzenegger signs bill requiring schools to honor homosexual rights activist

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Once again, another reason to homeschool, private school, or move from California.

Sorry if I’m getting off track here: In the '72 election, President Nixon’s dirty-tricks squad came out with a bogus “Homosexuals for McGovern” presuming most Americans found that lifestyle offensive - at best, and figuring that linking the Democrat to it would hurt his candidacy. Assuming Nixon’s crowd read American sentiments correctly, what caused Americans to change their attitude to the point that our society now celebrates that lifestyle in movies, magazines and - in the case of the late Mr. Milk - with formal holidays? “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Isn’t Arnold Swartznegger a Republican?

I think the key to this is to recognize that this is not an American recognition, rather a Californian one.

Yes, but he is socially liberal…

He is a Democrat in Republican clothes, not surprising considering his in-laws.

Another reason why California needs to fall of the end of the country.


He’s a RINO.

What is that?

Republican In Name Only. Used to imply said Republican is really a democrat whenever a Republican does somethin imoral. You can see this on Fox News and there haibt of switching the R and D depending on if there praising or condeming somone. Democrats get switch to an R, Republicans get switched to a D.

Governor Standford is a recent example.

There really isn’t too much difference between them any more, anyway. Republicrats and Democricans. There are individual legislators with some moral backbone and who adhere to the Constitution; the rest are simply corrupt, self-serving politicians. All of those need to be removed and replaced with something outside the two-party system, but since the two-party system writes the election laws to ensure that the two-party system stays in power, I see no way of replacing them short of something I can’t mention for fear of being banned.

Oh brother. Just what we need is more liberal garbage in our schools. :rolleyes::mad:

I have to wonder why George Richard Moscone isn’t so honored.

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