Breaking News: Someone Out-Bigots James White!

Apparently, anti-Mormon protestors were so virulent at the recent Easter pageant at the Mesa, Arizona, Mormon Temple, they were even too much for King James:

Interesting stuff. “It’s like they have nothing better to do than complain about somebody else’s religion.”

We Catholics wouldn’t understand that sentiment, would we? :rolleyes:

There are videos of the KJV only “street preachers”, here you go:

from a Mormon apologetics site

You can also find clips at YouTube and

Phil P

I watched those and I just cannot fathom how any rational person could think that such behavior will get people to look favorably on the viewpoint of the preachers. It’s almost as though, to these preachers, the end results are not what matters, only the act of preaching/accusing.

This is all the more reason to be charitable and loving, Jesus said the world would see Him in the love disciples have for one another, he who hates his brother walks in darkness and has not known God or seen Him.

Although I couldn’t disagree more strongly with James White’s theology, I don’t think it’s fair to call him a bigot. I’ve known him for years and probably have a few epithets that I’d be tempted to apply to him–but not at all “bigot.”


I have never met Mr. White so I can only judge him by his extensive writings and what I’ve heard him say in debates. From everything I’ve seen, he never misses an opportunity to mock Catholic beliefs, paint the Catholic Church in the worst possible light, and often stoops to outright distortions, omissions and lies in making his case. Even his own sister (whom I do know) confirms that Mr. White’s main motivation for this is his hatred of the Catholic Church, apparently handed down from his father.

If there is a better word for this than bigotry, I’ll gladly use it.:slight_smile:

Do you think that he can also be rightly labeled an anti-Catholic and not an apologist as he likes to call himself?

the guy in the first clip looks like he’s going fishing for mormons! At one point he says “Brigham Young, he wants them young, the bible was written by holy men not perverts!” and then he says somehting else that i can’t make out. I 've seen other clips on James White’s youtbe account. thoes guys are pretty crazy, not ver christian like.

Us :slight_smile: ? Absolutely not - what we do is share the Gospel

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