Breaking Open the Word for Children resources


Any thoughts, websites, books on reflecting upon the weekly readings with kiddos? I’m in charge of that at our parish RCIA now.

Thanks a million, friends. :grouphug:


Many of the textbooks for Children follow the lectionary. Does your series not do this?


Our Core Team does not have a set curriculum or textbooks. Each year, I understand, we have a calendar. It varies only slightly each year. For example, “Sunday the 4th the topic is marriage.” The “11th we will discuss sacramental.”

The children’s class is new and the last several years just a “Hey, you’re teaching this. Have fun!” Not a lot of structure, which I struggle with. I’m teaching this year so I want to have a curriculum, schedule, etc. I want to, at least roughly, follow the adult class. I wanted to do a short talk on the Gospel when we dismiss to the classroom during Mass.

I’m pulling together resources, crafts, etc. right now.


Wow. At the very least your parish should purchase the teacher editions. How do you know that people are teaching doctrine and not opinion? And crafts only go so far. That is the “:extra” no the class. PM me and I will try to help you.


I need to know what age the children are. That way I’ll know which products to recommend.




If you want to explain the faith try the Jesse Box.
Its 3D art that helps you explain the basics of Catechism.


Give the Jesse Box a try. It is a hands on 3D art that you can explain the Catechism with.


Give the Jesse Box a try. It is hands on 3D art that you can explain the Catechism with.


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