BREAKING REPORT: Largest Number of Cluster Votes In Wayne Co. MI Came From Psychiatric Hospital For Patients With Severe Mental Illnesses

BREAKING REPORT: Largest Number of Cluster Votes In Wayne Co. MI Came From Psychiatric Hospital For Patients With Severe Mental Illnesses

By Patty McMurray
Published November 22, 2020

Yesterday, data scientist Sarah Eaglesfield tweeted about some interesting facts she uncovered while looking into Wayne County, Michigan’s voter data from the November 2020 election. According to 100Percent Fed Up, her data, so far, explores cluster votes in Michigan’s Wayne County, where hundreds of affidavits have been filed sharing eye-witness accounts of voter fraud and intimidation by paid election workers and officials and Democrat activists present at the TCF Center, where absentee ballots were processed.

Eaglesfield’s tweet reads:

In order – clusters in Wayne County, Michigan with the most votes cast in #Election2020 were:

The author from one of your articles gives this opinion:

“Given that the psychiatric facility in question specifically states that it caters to those with severe mental illness it should be investigated what mental capacity these voters had and whether these ballots were potentially abused. It is my understanding that there is no capacity test for voting in Michigan”

I disagree with that author’s opinion about testing these people’s mental capacity.
As is stated in the article there is no mental capacity test in Michigan.

Moreover, there are some states that do strip the mentally ill of their voting rights.
Michigan is not one of them. It is not a violation of Michigan’s voting laws for the mentally ill to vote.
It is not illegal for these people in these institutions, in this state to vote.
I say let them vote


If there is no capacity test how are you going to test it? As you point out the idea is self-defeating.

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If the mentally ill can hold office then I think they can also vote.

(I’m not putting down the mentally ill, btw. Mental illness is common. The suffered of mental illness shouldn’t be discriminated against.)


Mentally ill and intellectually disabled persons are free to vote in every state I have lived in.

When I was younger I worked with intellectually disabled people and we would drive them to vote on voting day.


If that was who voted.

This can be asked of all people in all varieties of institutions.
What are your thoughts of people who live in nursing homes?
Do they have a right to vote?
What about homeless shelters?
What about group homes?

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If that was who voted for all of those questions.

Do you have any reason to believe, that the votes of these people should be disenfranchised.

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Yep, and prisoners should be able to also. I was. I was overjoyed when Ireland let them do so finally some time ago.


Asking about capacity to vote is asking the wrong question. Further it represents an attempt to dodge the real question.

The real question that should be asked is: what is the possibility that someone else could have voted on their behalf? With the obvious follow on question: were their ballot envelopes audited?

If no hanky panky found, I’m fine with that. But don’t dismiss the possibility out of hand.


No, I do not believe the Democrats are fair for a number of reasons, Kavanaugh hearing, Coney Barret hearing, some reasons I can not even mention.

To dismiss the votes of these people in Michigan who had the right to cast a vote in this election.

You need to come up with a lot better reason than your angst over Kavanaugh and Barrett


There is nothing here.

We presume that votes were legally cast. Prove that they weren’t.

Don’t say, “Oh, this needs to be investigated”. The presumption is they were legal votes, and there is no proof they weren’t.

This is really getting old.


This is reaching now, it is getting into ‘what if the people voting were this that or the other’ territory.

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Basically, this brilliant “data analysis” shows that many voters were found clustered in places where many people live.

I expect next for Sarah Eaglesfield to drop the bombshell that there were many address where only one person lived. This is way below the average and should definitely be looked into.

Severe mental illness may be too much of an impairment.

They did not fill them out before they were even mailed to them by the government, did they did in PA.

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Sigh. Extra sigh.

Is this is a data issue or a something legitimate? Well, we don’t know because there was no understanding of how the data were collected or recorded.

It just adds to the noise and confusion. It means nothing.

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