BREAKING REPORT: Largest Number of Cluster Votes In Wayne Co. MI Came From Psychiatric Hospital For Patients With Severe Mental Illnesses

The problem is it’s the same as the 3 year old covered in marker, standing by the wall covered in marker, holding 2 markers, and markers all around the floor.

That child says “Prove it”. This is all the left has. “Prove it”. “Prove it”. “Prove it”.

As the saying goes “Ignorance is Bliss”

But I can’t prove this saying, so it isn’t real.

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First they say “concede”, then they say “prove it”, well, it is being proven.

This was just a journalist or even private sleuth.

No, the real question that should be asked is: what is the probability that someone else did vote on their behalf? Conspiracy theories often rely on confusing possibility with probability.

Then lobby to have the law changed in Michigan. But for now, the law is the law.

What is proven? Certainly not fraud.


I think I’ve grown numb to all of the various angles from which there have been attempts to malign the election results.


A new form of hyper-dimensional maths would be needed to cover all those angles or account for them.


It wouldn’t be that difficult to figure out if something was amiss here. Look at the voting turnout here in 2008, 2010, 2012, …, 2018. If we see something like 25% to 50% in those elections but 95% in this one or some similar set of numbers, I’d suggest there is at least smoke there worth investigating further. If I’m wrong about this one, then I’m wrong. But let’s have some numbers.

But you don’t even want the slightest shred of an investigation to take place. What are you so afraid of? I’d like some transparency as to these things and short of presenting those kinds of numbers, I won’t be satisfied. If one really, truly believes there is no fraud in this instance, why hide or otherwise impede the investigation? Those that want the investigations shut down from the get go are going to arouse that suspicion. Like it or not. You want unity, well unity requires transparency. Nothing disinfects like sunlight. Don’t like sunlight? Then enjoy the veil of suspicion that accompanies the preferred clouds.

As I said, if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. I’m fine with being wrong here.

Is that “figure out if something was amiss” or “figure out if something might be amiss”? Let’s continue and see:

OK, so it was the second. That still leaves open the question of whether it is easy to figure out if anything is amiss".

I don’t oppose investigations that do not impede the orderly transition to a new administration. But that is exactly what these denials are doing. The cost is high to the nation. We should have more than conspiracy theories before we decide to incur those costs. Many analysts say that the one month delay after the 2000 election while everyone was counting hanging chads led to an intelligence failure that missed the 9/11 planning. This year we have national security issues too, plus a pandemic to manage. Every day that goes by “investigating” is costing lives.

Ah, if only it were that simple!

What you were in prison?

Probably should be, but no.

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Must be a a typo.

Yeah it’s a typo. I only get put in ‘no sweeties’ prison when I eat too much cake here or similar. It’s hard rules there I tell you boys. Diet of cabbage or broccoli. Just me and the teddies on the chain gang.

I wonder next if we’ll be required to take a breathalyzer test to vote? Surely more than one or two voters have voted while not compos mentis due to being under the influence?


This was why I read the article with incredulity. Why is that not obvious to her?


This report is attaching an all-too-common social stigma to mentally ill people, as if they have no reasoning ability whatsoever and all have exactly the same cognitive resources and personality. We’ve had enough of such misconceptions.

Apart from this, many mentally ill people are not confined to institutions and are not receiving any kind of proper treatment. What about a nationwide battery of psychological tests to determine who is mentally fit to vote and who is not? Would anyone in their right mind be in favor of this? Perhaps for our political leaders, however.


I don’t normally bang on about it but I’m an ex-mental patient myself as I was treated for severe clinical depression for several years. I was quite capable of applying reasoning though regarding who I’d want to vote for. Yes indeed, mentally-ill people still face a great deal of stigma and would normally not talk about their experiences and often hide them if possible.


Michigan just certified their vote


Just read that in the local news. I believe Pennsylvania’s deadline is today as well?

Yes, it is. That’s why the Pennsylvania lawsuits are so much tilting at windmills.


Al Gore deserved his 37 days. I voted against him, but I never begrudged him that time. There were doubts and he was allowed to exercise his objections which were heard all the way up to the Supreme Court. A courtesy you don’t want Trump to have.

There have been more than conspiracy theories, there has been plenty of smoke. But your man won, you don’t care the least about integrity of the results. You’ve been all about shutting down every line of inquiry. You want unity? You need sunlight.

There have always been chaotic transitions in our country’s history, but you act like Trump’s and Gore’s were the only ones ever to happen at all. Recency bias much? How about Trump’s original transition when Obama, Biden and Clinton sic’d the national security apparatus on Trump? Took too long but it was eventually found to be faked. Whose fault was that?

The intelligence failure wasn’t the charge of the transition in 2000; the intelligence failure was the FBI supervision who got the reports and didn’t turn them over to higher ups with recommended actions. This year we have the neocons you voted for champing at the bit, that’s creating chaos on its own. You wanted Biden, you’re stuck with his neocons.

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