Breaking: Romney to announce VP pick tomorrow at 8:45 am

Boston, MA – On Saturday, Mitt Romney will begin his “The Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class” bus tour by announcing his choice for Vice Presidential candidate in Norfolk, Virginia. The following events are open to the press. Please note that the tour of the USS Wisconsin and Homemades by Suzanne drop by are pool coverage.

A subsequent e-mail from Team Romney puts the announcement time at 8:45 am

Who is it going to be :confused:

here’s what Bill Kristol is hearing:
THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that the Romney campaign has begun to prepare a vigorous effort in support of Paul Ryan if he is selected as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick—something now likely to happen soon. For example, GOP officials tell THE WEEKLY STANDARD that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is among a group of Republicans who has been asked to be ready, in terms of his schedule and other practical preparations, to make the case publicly for a Romney-Ryan ticket as early as Saturday.
This of course does not mean the Wisconsin congressman will necessarily end up as Romney’s running mate. The Romney campaign may be working to lay the groundwork for one or two other possible picks, though THE WEEKLY STANDARD has been unable to find evidence of any comparable preparation for other candidates. Or the Romney team could be engaging in some last minute misdirection, as other campaigns have done. In 2000, much of the attention in the days before the announcement of Dick Cheney as Bush’s running mate focused on John Danforth, thanks to nudging from inside the campaign. And in 2004, the New York Post splashed on its front page a story indicating that Richard Gephardt would be John Kerry’s running mate. It’s entirely possible that the Romney campaign is engaging in the same kind of shenanigans.
But if the signs pointing toward Ryan, increasing in number, are meant as a feint, it’s an odd one. Ryan is popular among conservatives and Republicans, and the talk about him is generating lots of excitement in conservative and GOP circles. The campaign would presumably be acting to tamp down Ryan speculation if Ryan weren’t going to be the pick, in order to avoid a sense of letdown if he’s passed over. But the campaign is doing no such thing. Rather, it seems to be preparing observers for Ryan.

Mike Hartley ‏@MichaelPHartley
Every political reporter in Ohio is going to be at the start of Pelatonia tomorrow to see if a certain Ohio Senator is on a bike…or not.

Russell Schaffer ‏@RussOnPolitics
Red State reports that the Secret Service showed up at Paul Ryan’s home.

Probably Pelosi, since he needs to bring his ticket to the right a bit.

Co-worker seems to think it’s gonna be Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell since he’s making announcement there.

This will no doubt give him a bump up in the polls, if not at least for a little time.

West Wing Reports ‏@WestWingReport
Former advisor to two Republican presidents with close ties to Romney campaign tells WWR that Va. Gov. McDonnell still possible. (Doubtful)

West Wing Reports is a long time Washington insider…

Only if it is someone Independents like

The only reason I think my co-worker may be right is because he called Sarah Palin four years ago to the astonishment of everyone.

Of course I just saw the announcement is going to be on the USS Wisconsin, named for the home state of Rep. Paul Ryan.

He could be. No one knows for sure and he is certainly in the running.


I note I did not get a call :cool:

Intrade thinks it is going to be Ryan (they have been wrong in the past):

Then you’re a shoe-in, gilliam! Of course, I didn’t get a call either…
I’m betting on Ryan, a good choice because, despite some of the pundits, I think Romney could use a political insider. Besides, Ryan is a bright guy, who I happen to almost totally disagree with, but what the heck? Maybe Pawlenty though: let’s see.

davidfrum ‏@davidfrum
If Ryan is the running mate, GOP had better hope for very, very, very low turnout among under-55s.

Adam Henry ‏@viewofadam
Fox News airing a lot of Paul Ryan video, MSNBC now running all Ryan video.

Earlier tonight there were tweets about a private jet flying from Boston to an airport at Janesville today (that is near where Romney will speak tomorrow.) This is a very, very small hint it might be Ryan (or someone else who needs to get to Janesville)

Brian Bakst ‏@Stowydad
Source close to Pawlenty team says he’ll be maintaining his Saturday schedule in New Hampshire where he’s campaiging for Romney

Rubio ?

I really hope he doesn’t pick a spineless moderate.

POLITICO ‏@politico
Attention centered in past week on Pawlenty, Portman, Ryan; Rubio, Christie also said to still be in the mix:

You don’t pick a radical unless you need to shake up the base. Ryan is about as radical as you are likely to see this campaign.

For what it is worth: @msnbc: NBC News: Sources indicate Rep. Paul Ryan is the VP choice.

NBC doesn’t seem like a place a lot of Republicans would run to though to plant a story. They claim to have 3 sources.

My money’s on Ryan. He will bring street cred with conservatives, is undeniably smart, and actually has some guts and principles. The announcement being made on the Wisconsin seems to be a tip-off.

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