Breaking silence, Obama speaks out on Trump immigrants order


Breaking silence, Obama speaks out on Trump immigrants order

Well, he lasted 1 week… I guess Obama wants to lead the ‘resistance’ :cool:


All the more reason for U.S. religious leaders to unite in civil obedience in accord with our new President Trump.


Absolutely, they should all unite in obedience to the civil authorities. Or was that not what you meant? :wink:

Incidentially, who cares what Obama thinks any more. He is yesterday’s man.


Apparently you missed FOX News a couple of mos ago.



This is what we are quickly boiling it down to. U.S. religious leaders need to quickly come together and lead a united flock. The only standing chance we have is one nation under God. We can do it one nation under God. INDIVISIBLE


I’m just fine with him speaking out. For many Americans, he’s been a father figure and it’s comforting to hear from him in such a volatile time.


It doesn’t bother me; the more Obama speaks, the more he will remind Americans of his utter failure to bring the “hope” and “change” he promised, even though he had EIGHT YEARS to do it.

I think he’ll unwittingly help Trump by trying to hurt him, just like he inadvertently improved Trump’s position with Russia by imposing sanctions which were intended to create a diplomatic nightmare for Trump.


It sure didn’t take him long did it? The liberals lost, but they can’t stay out of the spotlight and want to make sure they continuing dividing the country!


It doesn’t seem to matter that traditionally, “ex” presidents used to keep their mouths closed.


BecausecObama is such an authority right?It is his ideals that got us where we are today.
Why is it the Dem presidents cannot ever just step aside,rather they insert themselves into the presidency of their successor.In fact Jimmy Carter is still piping in,forty some years later.Practice a little class,please;)


I was kind of hoping he’d just fade into obscurity. Oh well. The ten days without being lectured by him was nice while it lasted.


Yes.Have to say it has been soooo nice not having to hear about Obama…nice while it lasted!:stuck_out_tongue:


It undermines the Office of Presidency. Ronald Reagan was my favorite president, and their are times that I would have loved to hear what he thought about what was going on in the country.

However, I always felt (even as a child) that a former President must keep his criticism of the current President private. He can share it privately with people, but must not express it publicly.

Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Clinton, & esp George W. Bush were all great, recent examples of this.

George Washington was also a great example, as when his 2nd term was up, he retired.

And even though John Adams & Thomas Jefferson were political enemies, they kept quiet about their successors, even in their old age as they wrote each other letters. They would address the changes they didn’t like to eachother, but didn’t express them publicly to the American public.

George W. Bush talked about this once in Japan, where former Presidents become part of a senior group of legislators or council or something. The President’s job is very difficult as it is, Presidents don’t need former Presidents casting grenades.

NOTE: I would have been appalled if George W. Bush did that to Obama. And if Hillary won, I would have been appalled if any former President did it to her.

It would be no different than if a abdicated King of a nation spoke in dissent against a current king, or if Pope Benedict XVI spoke out in dissent against Pope Francis.

It can’t happen because it hurts the Office of the Presidency.

There are plenty of opposition to Trump, out of respect for the Office of the Presidency, Obama doesn’t have to weigh in. By duing so, he actually hurts the Presidency of future Presidents.

God Bless




Oh, heavens. Trump is doing just fine on that score without any assistance.


:you are on a roll,Grace!


Obama’s message especially on religious freedom falls flat for many because as many on this forum may have been aware is how his administration treated Catholic nuns in a case involving birth control.







Nor need he be. I was simply referring to those who think of him as such.

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