BREAKING: Unconfirmed: Israel Launches Possible Strike . . On Iran?

Communications with Ramat David airbase have been shut down. Sealed tight. Last word 6-10 aircraft had taken off.

Lost my contact at Ramat David. At least 2 KC-130H tankers and 4-6 other aircraft have taken off in the last 2 hrs.

Nothing from Ramat David but a txt that said “back in a bit”. 8 planes had taken off, 2 tankers confirmed.

Just got this txt from Ramat David "planes from squad 157 freq tos (takeoffs I think) more later

(Squadron 157 according to Wikipedia is Electrical Warfare unit.)

Maybe radar jamming? post it and see if anyone knows.

I am just giving info – I think it is a precaution just in case, others are saying the attack thing, not me.

(For) the record, I think activity at Ramat David may just be a precaution against a strike by Iran. Im just passing info.


I don’t believe it’s real. There are no reports about it in the media. I also did a little investigating and it appears that this rumor originated on Twitter.

Hmmm…well, I don’t hold a very high opinion of the “Media”. I guess only time will tell if it’s a rumor or not.

Problem is, it’s not some far fetched notion that’s out of the question.:frowning:

Well its been 24 hours now… looks like a false alarm!

israel is probably nervous considering what is taking place in iran right now and wants to be prepared for anything.

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