Breaking: US military source in Iraq: “Under missile attack from Iran"

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If Iran had some serious firepower, they probably would have gone after Israel more in the past…

I don’t like lopsided wars, they can inflict hurt on us but…I think they would get the worse of it and I think a lot of their military is there on compulsory terms and don’t believe in the regime.


US Air Force is now over Iran.

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Oh no…

Anyone got more links?

Didn’t Iraq vote to kick out all US troops?

Please, do you have a link for this? I searched online and checked my social media and couldn’t find anything.

Thank you, and thanks for the update.

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I just heard it about 30 mins ago either on Fox or CNN been flipping back and forth between the two, haven’t seen anything more though on that, so not sure…maybe they meant Iraq but wouldn’t be surprised if Iran. I’m going to see if air and sea intel has any info online.


The U.S. is now, officially or unofficially, at war with Iran. Not a good thing, but we (our leaders) must all work together for the safety and security of our people, as well as the Iranian people as much as possible. I do not personally believe we have had a so-called just war since World War II, but whatever we call it, military and civilian casualties must be kept at a minimum. Prayers are in order.


The decision to assassinate Major General Qasem Soleimani was obviously a big miscalculation on Trump’s part.


He was declared a terrorist by the Obama Administration and the United Nations and has killed over 600 Americans. It was not a miscalculation.


It’s getting worse. Second round of attacks.

It doesn’t matter. Unless Mr. Trump wanted to have a war with Iran, it would have been better not to kill Soleimani. Not to mention that the Iraqis consider the killing to have been a violation of their sovereignty. Trump should have consulted the Iraqi government first.


Did Iran contact the Iraqi gov’t when they were blowing up our men!


Things are getting pretty scary. I’m sure we will be in a full scale war in no time now.

So, are you saying that since Iran didn’t contact the Iraqi government before killing people in their country, there’s no need for us to contact them either?

Do you know what Trump did? You have no idea who he contacted regarding the attack. None of us do. It’s not public knowledge. If you don’t like Trump you don’t like him but if Americans are going to be killed it’s Trumps job to make sure something is done to protect them.


Early reports of no casualties among 5200 US troops🙏


Some Iraqi casualties though.

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Don’t be so sure.

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This was likely just a show for the Iranian people, to show they struck back at the Americans.

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