Breaks at work

Is it a sin if I work and don’t take a lunch break? My boss doesn’t care either way if I do or don’t and it’s not required by my boss. I typically don’t care to take a lunch, but I think it’s illegal if someone works longer than 6 hours without taking a break. I usually work 6 or 7 hours a day anyway, but if I do work 8 hours without taking a break would that be a sin since it’s technically illegal??

I think I did that as a temp, and they saw I wasn’t taking lunch, thought my supervisor was prohibiting me!

I don’t think it’s sinful, though.

That is a legal rule that is more about the employer not abusing the employees. You can work during lunch, if you wish. There is no sin in that.

But, consider doing something for yourself. Read the bible, say the rosary. Take a much needed spiritual break!


No, it is not illegal. First, you are speaking of a civil labor regulation, not a crime. Second, I believe the regulation in question applies to employers requiring employees to work without a break. I work twelve hours and am never off the clock on break, but rather have to respond at all times as needed.

Thank you all!

Well, not quite. It depends where you are. In California, it is very much a law. And, as a supervisor, if my hourly employees do not take a half hour lunch and two 15 minutes breaks over the course of an 8 hour shift (and by take, whether they actually do or not is unenforceable, but it must be logged in their time record), the company can be fined for each instance the rule is violated.

It depends greatly on where you live and whether you are an exempt or non-exempt employee under FLSA.

If you are a non-exempt employee, you have to clock out for breaks and lunch. If you continue working, your employer has to pay you for that time. If that adds up to over 40 hours in a week, then he has to pay you overtime.

If there are laws in your state regarding mandatory breaks and work periods, then your employer could be fined if you do not take your alloted breaks and lunch period and demonstrate you did so by clocking in and out.

Exempt employees are an entirely different story. Exempt employees are paid for a job, not for a specific set of work hours.

The break isn’t technically 15 minutes, it is 10 minutes plus travel time to and from the designated area.

Good point. I am in Texas and we do not even keep a time clock.

Texas is subject to federal wage and hour laws. Non-exempt employees are required to use timekeeping records of some sort-- time clock, time sheet, etc.

You are probably an exempt employee.

No, I am not, though that is something could change, and has changed from time to time. I use a time sheet and mark the hours worked. I receive an hourly wage. Breaks and lunch times are not recorded.

I just checked the FLSA and the minimum requirement is just the total hours worked daily. I just looked up and lunch does not count as a break from pay if one is required to perform some job during that period. Go figure. I guess by their standard I don’t get a break.

OK, I see what you were saying now. I thought you were saying you didn’t have to record time at all. Which is true for exempt employees, but non-exempt have to do some sort of timekeeping.

You are correct, TX doesn’t require breaks at any specific interval nor that you record them.

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