Breast augmentation

Hello everyone, I have a hypothetical as my wife and I are discerning something. We have a new born so she is breastfeeding so this wouldn’t be a consideration until later on. Is there Any Catholic teaching on breast implants? I know there wouldn’t be anything specific. She has mentioned to me that she would like to get them. I know all the stereotypes and she is gorgeous. She told me she would just feel better with them. Please don’t stack me for supporting this idea!

This is between you, your wife, her doctor, and maybe your priest if it’s an issue of conflict between the two of you or if there’s some other consideration such as cost of the implants.

To me, the big questions would be

  • why does she feel she would like implants, especially given that she is married to a man who finds her very physically attractive without them;
  • what are the health risks and physical concerns of her getting implants (her doctor can discuss with her);
  • can you afford them.

I don’t think there’s much of a moral issue here. If she wants them, and it’s not motivated by pressure from you, then…yeah, it’s her call.


You might find some useful advice/opinions in this thread

@Titivillus, you mean the OPs previous thread on the same subject? :wink:


I feel silly, I totally forgot I’d already asked about this. In my defense I do have a tbi!

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That’s okay, if you have a new baby you probably are sleep deprived and forget a lot of things :slight_smile:


traumatic brain injury?

Yeah, I was in a fatal car accident. So if I don’t really stop and think I speak when I shouldn’t!

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Please read both part 1 and 2 of the following link that looks at the question of plastic surgery:

I think it really depends on the intentions for why we want it.


To be honest, Catholic Moral Theology doesn’t really support breast, or any other implants of these kinds of organs for just any reason.

It would be different if she had breast cancer and had to have half of it removed and wanted something like that fixed, and even then it would be a little bit of a grey area.

Usually this is a “God gave us what he gave us” kind of thing. I’m even a little nervous about braces.

Braces are not just done for appearance. Overbite, underbite, crooked teeth can affect how a person chews and how they take care of their teeth. Flossing is sometimes impossible with crooked teeth.


I tend to agree; in most cases breast augmentation is a vanity thing (and I may catch some flak for calling it that), excepting situations like post-cancer surgery, repairing traumatic damage, and the like. Orthodontic treatment could be a vanity thing, or it could be fixing things when “what God gave us” doesn’t quite function right.



That’s pretty extreme. For one thing, braces are usually to help people to have more functional teeth that will result in easier eating, better dental health, etc. For another thing, people in today’s developed world are expected to have decent looking teeth; not having them can cause you to be rejected for jobs and all sorts of other things.

When a person has the economic ability to have their teeth look nice instead of haywire, why would they not do that? We are not required to live with crooked teeth, or make our children live with crooked teeth, in order to be closer to God.


That line of thinking would seem to open other doors: dental crowns when done for appearance? Dental implants? Even ophthalmic surgery as an alternative to wearing glasses? If the moral rule is “God gave us what he gave us,” is the corollary “God takes away what he takes away through human ageing,” and we therefore have to live with it?


Taken to an extreme, this line of thinking would preclude even basic cosmetic things like cutting one hair. “If God meant for your hair to be that length, He would have ordained that hair will only grow to that length.”


Why does she want to do this?? I’d really dig for a good answer from her. Does she feel you don’t appreciate her breasts as they are? I’d ask her allll about her feelings, why she’d feel better with bigger breasts etc. Focus on her FEELINGS. My guess is she feels really, deeply lousy for some reason and it has nada to do with her boobs.

A consideration for her: she may feel worse after the surgery. If folks (including husband) compliment, notice, or enjoy the boobs, won’t she wonder if they’re only reacting positively to her because of the FAKE boobs??

But why take it to the extreme? Hair is not breasts. Surgery is not a haircut. The differences are so… vast.


Roland is responding to the person who said they didn’t think we should get braces on our teeth and if we have crooked teeth we should just accept that’s how God made us.

Thanks! My bad.

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