breast cancer scares


we probably need a St. Peregrine cancer prayer forum here. DD called had breast biopsy is waiting for results. My biopsy is scheduled for Monday (3rd, all benign TBTG). She is 5 months pregnant, you all prayed for her a few weeks ago, so even if she has a lumpectomy will not have chemo until after the baby is born. She is already worrying about how to go through that while caring for a newborn and a 3 yr old. Good friend is also awaiting biopsy results today. We are all commiserating together about the female bodies God has seen fit to grace us with, and the unique ills we are susceptible to because of those bodies. MIL is a 32 year breast cancer survivor and is interceding like mad with her and DDs namesakes Teresa, Therese and Teresa. If anybody has a relic please address its owner on DDs behalf thank you.


I received an email today from a woman I know, her name is also Theresa. She is waiting to hear results on her own tests as well, and her aunt is currently dying from breast cancer.

Offering prayers for all of them… :crossrc:





I will pray that everything goes well and that you all together are strong enough to carry any burden God has decided to give you. Anytime you suffer, remember his suffering and any time you are joyful remember to thank him.



Annie, I have a cyber-pal in the northeast who was given a first class relic of Saint Philomena when she was confirmed. It is a very rare relic, and Saint Philomena is a patron of babies, desperate causes, sickness and sick people. I’ll send her a mail and ask her to pray for you and your daughter. What is your daughter’s first name?

You are both in my prayers as well. Please let us know how everything is going. May God bless and keep you and your family through this difficult time.


:byzsoc: :crossrc:


I will offer my morning prayers for you Annie.


May God grant all these women peace for their fears and anxieties about this dreaded disease. May bodily health be theirs and their spirits be overcome with joy and love of all the prayers bestowed on their behalf. May St. Peregrine intercede for all cancer patients to receive divine grace and compassion during these stressful times. Amen.


Puzzleannie, I will offer prayers for you all before my parish’s relic of the True Cross this weekend.


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