Breast Problem


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this is if its not please move it to the correct place.

I’m having a breast problem. About 4 weeks ago, maybe even a little longer than that, I started having pain in my right breast. I thought it was just because I was about to start my period. Then once my period was done I thought it was just tender from that. It still was hurting really bad so I thought maybe I bumped it or my dog jumped on me and I just didn’t remember. Now its still hurting pretty bad. I would roll over during the night and it would hurt so bad it would wake me up. I finally took a pain pill that I had and that seemed to help a little bit. I was trying to do my monthly exam in the shower and it hurt for me to even try to do that.

This one boob has gave me so many problems! Last year I somehow got mastitis. The doctors said it usually only happens to breastfeeding moms but lucky me I got it…Incase you don’t know what that is: Mastitis means that the breast is inflamed, and there is swelling, redness, tenderness and pain. It was not fun at all. About 8 months before that I found a lump. I was 21 so I went into a panic thinking I was going to have breast cancer at 21. I had an ultrasound done after my regular gyno said it didn’t feel right to her and she wanted a specialist to look at it. The ultrasound showed it was fibrocystoma and it went away a few months later.

Should I call my doc and see if she can get me in or refer me to someone that can look at it? It still hurts so bad.


Not giving medical advice here- as I don’t want this thread locked (mods don’t like medical advice) but I’d call my doctor right away and insist they do a mammogram and ultrasound.


What Chovy said. See your doctor (gynecologist) as soon as possible. Don’t ignore it.



If you have a history of mastitis, that would be my first thought. Call the doc and have them do some tests.


I called a doctor and scheduled an appointment. I go Monday afternoon. I moved and my other doctor is about 45 minutes away so I’m going to go to a new one where I live now. She is at a women’s health center and its suppose to be a really hightech place. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I get freaked out about stuff like this and I don’t think I was thinking straight. I knew I needed to go to the doctor I was just scared to make that call. Cancer is always in the back on my mind since alot of my family has died from it…Everytime something goes wrong with my breasts or even when I go to my yearly exam I get a nervous feeling about cancer. My Mom’s aunt just had both her breasts removed because of cancer so its a pretty scary thing to deal with. Please keep me in your prayers.


Have you thought about having a genetic test performed to see your chances of getting breast cancer? My 26 yr. old cousin just had a double mastectomy b/c her test showed she was 84% likely to develop breast cancer (her mom died in her 30s of breast cancer as well as another aunt). It wasn’t an easy decision for her, but to her, it was worth it b/c now her chances are less than 5% for developing breast cancer in her life.


Just wondering, does church teaching allow for the removal of body parts because there is a high likelyhood of them becoming diseased? I can’t imagine what a difficult decision that had to be for your cousin, and I’m certainly not criticizing her. Just wondering what the church has to say about removing seemingly healthy body parts as a preventive measure?


I don’t think so. Removal of a diseased organ, definitely, but not the removal of a potentially diseased organ. I see how this would be a very tough predicament to be in.


For my cousins, while their breasts weren’t diseased at the time, if you gave them a few more years, only a miracle from God would cause them to not be diseased. Breast cancer in my family starts young and spreads quickly (one of my aunts who died from it had her breast removed as soon as a small tumor was detected but the cancer had already spread to her bones by the time they found that small tumor). Also, because of their age a mammogram can’t be used because the breasts are too dense to accurately check for tumors.

The men in my family get non-cancerous tumors all the time (my brother has had them since he was a teen, my dad has them all throughout his body, etc. but thankfully they haven’t turned cancerous, even though they need to be checked often). Tumors seem to be rampant in my family and the women seem to be the only ones who get cancer, and die in their thirtys.

Now they have the technology to try to dramatically decrease one’s chance to develop an agressive cancer by removing a body part and replacing it with an artificial part (or even one’s own body fat). I guess I just don’t understand how it’d be a sin in this case.


I just think your cousin is so brave to make that decision. That was probably one of the hardest decisions for her. I honestly have thought about the test but I don’t know if I want to know. I don’t want to hear that I have a 50% chance and then worry about it even more. I do what I need to do to check for lumps every month and go to the doctor for my yearly exam. If I was in her shoes I can honestly say I don’t know if I would have the strength to do what she did.

Has anyone found out if it is against the church to have a possibly diseased organ removed?


I didn’t mean to come across as uncaring or anything. :o I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my post, and if it helps in understanding my opinion, this is from the Vatican:

  1. For the application of the principle of totality and integrity, the following conditions must be met: (1) there must be a question of an intervention in the part of the body that is either affected or is the direct cause of the life-threatening situation; (2) there can be no other alternatives for preserving life; (3) there is a proportionate chance of success in comparison with drawbacks; and (4) the patient must give assent to the intervention. The unintended drawbacks and side-effects of the intervention can be justified on the basis of the principle of double effect.

The entire document can be viewed at:

I could very well be wrong in my interpretation of this, but I took the first condition to mean that the body part must already be affected, not might become affected sometime in the future.

I’m so sorry if I offended anyone.


You didn’t offend me. I may be the only member of my family who seeks to follow the Truth, I guess that based on my family’s female cancer history that when a small tumor is detected that it is too late seems like a grey area. I could be very wrong
(not the first time). i know that all my cousin’s who’ve had double mastectomies have lost their mothers when they
(my cousins) we’re just entering their teen years and they don’t want their children to go through the same pain of losing their mothers at young ages…


Huh. Well this thread took a new spin. I’ve often considered getting my ovaries removed once I went through menopause as a preventive measure since my sister may or may not have had ovarian cancer (whole other story), my grandma died from it, and 2 of my sisters and I have PCOS plus I’ve been on infertility meds for 5 years.Now I have more to think about since I’ve seen this. But I digress.

How are you feeling Keri? Still keeping you in my prayers here.


I think the interpretation here might be a bit too focused. For example, people routinely have moles removed, even if they are not cancerous. People routinely have cysts removed that are not life-threatening. Infant boys are routinely circumcised, and not for religious purposes. When a youngster has tonsils removed, the surgeon almost always takes the adnoids as well. I have never heard any objections to any of these things. Perhaps a double mastectomy is similar. Any thoughts?


Keri, would you like us to start a new thread on the diseased organ thing? It seems like we’ve started down a path totally different than your original one. :o

I do hope you’re feeling better. Monday must seem so far away! Has your pain lessened any?


No need for a new thread. I found this all very interesting. I didn’t know you could remove a breast because of a chance of cancer.

I’m not feeling better. I’m still hurting pretty bad. I hate taking pain pills but it seems like I have to or I’m hurting really bad. I wish I could have gotten an appointment this week. They wanted to schedule me for July 3 but I told them I was in so much pain I needed something quick so I got a Monday appointment. Its really bad sitting here at work and having to wear a bra. I’ve been going home for lunch and getting it off as soon as I walk in the door. I might just have mastitis or a fibro thing again…But since cancer runs in my family on both sides I don’t want to just wait and see if it goes away. I’ve already waited to long.

Does anyone know if insurance covers the testing to find out about the possibilty of cancer??


Well, personally, I think it’s wrong that they can’t see you today or tomorrow. If it is an infection it can get really bad really quickly, as in high-fever-very-sick, and your doc’s office ought to know that. Monday is a loooooong ways away to be seen for a possible painful infection.


My cousin’s did, but I think it depends on the company. Also, b/c of her family history, they were more than happy for her to have the double mastectomy because it saves them in the long run. However, it too my cousin a while to work with her insurance to makes sure that every I was dotted and every T was crossed when it came to all that the insurance covered. From start (approval of testing) to finish (double mastectomy with implants) the total time was about a year and a half. Also, they did require her to go to a psychologist before and after the procedure to makes sure she was mentally able to consent to the procedure.


Keep me in your prayers…I’m hurting pretty bad. If I’m not feeling any better in a few hours I’m thinking of going to the ER. Something isn’t right. I can just tell…

I did call my doctors office and they told me that there isn’t anyway I can get in tomorrow. They are double booked. I told them I’m about 20 minutes away so if there is a cancelation to call me ASAP and I’ll be there. She said that she would call if there was any.

I honestly don’t know if I can make it to Monday. This pain is right up there with getting my wisdom teeth pulled!!


I’m so sorry you’re having such pain and anxiety! How sad the dr. can’t see you any sooner.:frowning:

What would/could they do if you just showed up as a walk-in?

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