Breastfeeding and sexuality

i know breasts were made for babies to nurse but oxytocin is involved in mothering and sex and sometimes (though i dont want it) nursing makes me think of baby’s father / feel sexual. what do other moms think of this?

The female breast is a part of a woman’s body that is often used during sexual relations within a marriage, then after birth it is suddenly part of very intimate motherhood. That can be a very difficult switch to make in your mind-set. I would try closing your eyes and inviting the Holy Spirit into your heart and mind for prayer before each nursing session.

It is not unusual for a newly nursing mother to suddenly have unexpected and unwanted sexual feelings of arousal. This can be highly disturbing as you can imagine. It can make for guilty and awful feelings. Some women are afraid to talk about this because it is embarrassing and they are afraid people will think they are nursing because it is a turn-on. In fact the reaction usually only lasts a few seconds but is enough to turn the stomach of most women because they are trying to bond with their baby.

One idea is to take the “feeling” and recognize that it is simply the bodies physical and momentary reaction. Do your best to accept that fact and that the feeling is temporary and it will pass. Ask God to help you through the feelings of awkwardness for the sake of your baby and for the grace to get through it so you can give your baby the gift of nutrition and love.

thank you

In our bodies, everything is connected to everything else, eventually. God made it that way. I don’t think that every pleasure is sinful.

God bless, I don’t think sin was ever suggested.

It was unwanted thoughts and unpleasant feelings. All of us have unwanted feelings, we can name many, feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, feelings of creepiness, that we are having that we don’t want to be having!

The original poster seemed to be having an unpleasant feeling associated with nursing that she didn’t want to be having. Prayer can help with that.

Switch to a bottle! :shrug:

I have met women that have, for this reason. However there can be a lot of hidden shame that comes with bottle feeding people wonder why you don’t breastfeed, especially other moms.

Generally though, this feeling of arousal only lasts a few seconds and can be overcome with prayer it is not a huge deal. This is quite common although not generally talked about people are embarrassed as you can imagine.

fathers feel the same way.:blush:

Well said. I don’t have anything specific to add - just wanted to add my voice that it does happen and doesn’t last forever.

By daughter switched to bottle formula, because the baby wasn’t getting enough milk. My grandson is almost 4 yrs. old now & advanced for his age, so no harm done!

There’s nothing wrong with what you’re feeling. In fact, it’s completely normal and healthy! If breastfeeding didn’t involve pleasure, we wouldn’t do it. God gave us sexual feelings to be used properly, and while you may be experiencing feelings of guilt (which are totally unfounded), allow these feelings to become an affirmation of the power and sensuality God has implanted within you. Don’t try to shut out your thoughts; embrace them.

I admit I’m a man and I don’t even have any children but I don’t really understand why this is a problem.

Also a guy here, and agree with above.

Humans can get sexually aroused from the most benign things. Ever wear a skirt and get a gust of wind up your leg?

My (unsolicited) advice: Put the baby down for a nap and go enjoy quality time with hubby by “celebrating” your marriage! :thumbsup:

I am always amazed at how so many Catholics feel “ashamed” at the slightest feeling of arousal or sexuality. God made us sexual, gave us the amazing gift of sex, and then wrapped these gifts up in a Sacrament of Marriage! Use the gifts God gave you!!

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