Brebeuf High School Barred from Catholic Sports Meets. Bishop had repealed its status as a Catholic school for refusing to dismiss a teacher in gay marriage

“We felt like it was in the best interest of the meet not to have Brebeuf participate,” athletic director Ryan Davis said. “There was nothing explicitly said to us that those schools would not compete, but they might have a tough time explaining that they competed with Brebeuf in an all-Catholic meet.”

For the background on this situation, the revoking of this school’s Catholic status, see


“After having its status as a Catholic school revoked last month, Brebeuf Jesuit is feeling a ripple effect in athletics.”

That right there, I found our problem.

Good for Archbishop Thompson.

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This school should be regarded in the same category as other non Catholic schools. This year the Jesuit province “de classified” Wheeling Jesuit University as being no longer a Jesuit school.

Do you really think they will continued to be invited to events involving Jesuit institutions?

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