Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court nominee straight out of central casting


Thought the discussion and title should be based on an actual news article, not whinging progressive hysteria.


“He really lives the Jesuit mantra of being a man for others," McCaleb said. "He does it in so many ways.”

In his recent commencement address at Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, Kavanaugh urged graduates to do the same.

“Being a graduate of this law school means you will have many advantages, but you also have responsibilities: serve meals to the homeless, give clothing to the poor, and use your legal training to help those who need legal help,” he said. “As Pope Francis says, ‘Faith and values mean not just belief and going to Mass, but action.’”


This is encouraging, but my experience with many conservative Catholics is that they are good when it comes to charity, but not so good when it comes to social justice.

Charity is a compassionate response to an acute crisis - like giving clothes to the poor. Social justice targets the processes or barriers that are responsible for creating poverty and lack of opportunity. Any individual can be charitable, but it requires a more organized response to overcome established patterns that predetermine winners and losers.

In “A Christmas Carol” Dickens personified the greatest source of the world’s ills as two children hiding under the coat of Christmas Present - Ignorance and Want. Do conservatives have a plan for overcoming those? If so, what is it?


Hope he will get appointed. We need a man of God to sit there.


Yes, I watched Kavanaugh’s acceptance speech. It is straight out of central casting. Especially when they next switch to the Planned Parenthood speeches outside from the protestors or even Chuck Schumer. I think Kavanaugh might be a good pick in terms of successfully getting through the confirmation.


How will he vote on SS marriage or on abortion? In May 2006, Kavanaugh is quoted as saying: “If confirmed to the D.C. Circuit, I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully. That would be binding precedent of the court,” …
In the meantime, the Roman Catholic congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi said that the Kavanaugh nomination was “a clear and disrespectful assault on the fundamental rights of women and on the quality, affordable health care of the American people.”… "“Judge Kavanaugh’s long history of opposition to the full, fundamental right of every woman to make her own decisions about her body, family and health care poses a grave threat to women’s rights and to our founders’ promise of liberty and justice for all…”



You could add quite a few other Catholics from the Dem side to that statistic.


Maybe they just have a better understanding of the constitutional role of Govt, than you do.


It is interesting to start reading the complaints about this pick, from the right.

He’s not a flaming conservative, but that is probably a more similar ideological replacement for Kennedy, which should be more palatable to the center of the Dem and GOP.


If I had to guess what kind of justice we’d get it would be one who would not upset the balance that assures things like abortion and same sex marriage, as imposed by the courts, remain and that helps increase the power of the government most especially the police state. Kavanaugh seems like the perfect pick to fill that role in the play. The Republicans have long controlled the courts and the results are what we have today.


When one reads the formulations for “social justice” one is often tempted to think “charity” is when one gives of one’s own resources away, and “social justice” is when one gives somebody else’s resources away.



I’ll just confess I would have preferred Judge Barrett, but that really was something of a pipe dream on my part and the part of others. But Kavanaugh is okay by me.


Not good news for conservatives. The ‘Maverick’ likes him.


I don’t even mind a liberal lean, so long as they aren’t trying to create new law.

Calling ACA a tax that Congress has the ability to implement seemed a fair representation. It put the onus squarely on the shoulders of Congress and voters to repeal or replace a bad tax.

Any dishonesty was in how the Dems represented the tax.


Really wanted Amy Barrett to be the pick, and don’t like what Kavanaugh had to say about Roe v Wade. Hopefully he won’t be a liberal sell-out like former Justice Kennedy, but I just have a feeling that liberals have nothing to fear or complain about with this guy.


“Justice” doesn’t need descriptors. “Social justice” is merely a concept that takes away from actual justice.


Social Justice is God’s law, which transcends the United States Constitution.


The first step is getting government out of the way. 50 years and trillions of dollars of government programs hasn’t solved the problem, but have actually made things worse.
The principle of subsidiarity is a good starting point.

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