Breviarium Romanum.

I recently got the Baronius Press Roman ?Breviary in Latin/English. I have been doing the minor hours at seminary in my room, and the major hours with the community, obviously, but now that i am home on break i decided to try Matins. it took me 75 MINUTES!!! how in the world is anybody supposed to find time enough for all the hours? Does anyone else pray the latin 1960 breviary? help!

Did you pray Matins on a Sunday, or during a weekday? Usually, Matins is longer on Sundays.

You have to realize that the Breviarium Romanum is mostly meant for clerics. Clerics dedicate their lives to prayer, so they have time. That is why it was changed to the Liturgy of the Hours, so the laity could participate in it.

How fast are you reading it? 75 minutes for Mattins/Lauds sounds way too long for private recitation.

Before the reforms of St. Pius X, the Breviary was even longer (250+ Psalms per week); clerics that prayed them privately would probably spend about 2 hours total on it. Religious orders that prayed them in common would chant them and take their time, probably taking 4-6 hour depending on the day.

yeah i get that it is for clerics. I am in seminary. And I like get to the EF when I can, so I wanted to have the breviary so I could pray it as well. I mean it is a feast day…so sunday matins. and granted, I was reading the english for most of it as well. that added time. but I am new to it…

Well, one of the upsides of the LOTH is that it’s so short that you can slowly pray it and contemplate it as you go on. Clerics praying the Breviary generally zip through it because of its considerable length.

I’d say once you’re fluent in Latin it should go by pretty fast.

Note that if you become a cleric, you can’t use the English translation to fulfill the obligation. You have to use Latin. :thumbsup:

i will say…it does make me appreciate the LOTH!! lol I m really looking forward to the new translation coming out to coincide with the new roman missal. should be much better translation.

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