Breviary Ribbon Placement

Indeed. Truer words have never been spoken.

True! And for those additional places, I use some of my favorite holy cards.

That’s a good idea! I need to do this!!!

I keep a ribbon in:

  1. the Proper of Seasons

  2. The Ordinary

  3. The Psalter

  4. Night prayer

  5. Proper of Seasons

If I have a day where there is a saint’s feast, I switch the night prayer tassel to the spot where the Proper of Saints tassel is, and I move the tassel in the Proper of Saints to the appropriate Common.

If you have the Invitatory, Benedictus, and Magnificat memorized, then I’d keep that extra tassel in the Common.

Incidentally, on occasion I pray the Diurnale Romanum (the pre-concilliar Office without Matins (aka, Office of Readings)), and the blue tassel is so radiant. It seems so silly, but I am always fascinated by this tassel, which I keep in the section Proprium Tempore (Proper of Seasons).

Careful here :wink: It’s my understanding that you only use Sunday I with the Commons of Saints if it’s a Solemnity, otherwise you use the Psalms of the day.

According to the instructions of “Christian Prayer” you use Sunday I for feasts too. You only use Evening Prayer I for Solemnities.

My question is for days like Mary Magdalene =, a memorial where they send you to Sunday, and the commons of Holy Women for evening prayers.

You also use Sunday I psalms for Lauds with feasts, and the psalms from the Common of Saints for feasts as well.

Also for some memorials that were downgraded from feasts after the simplification of the calendar after Vatican II, you also use Sunday I psalms for Lauds and the Commons for Vespers, as these Saints have proper antiphons. Good example was this past Friday, the feast of Mary Magdalene. On these memorials however, you treat the Office of Readings and the minor hours as memorials, that is, you use the psalms of the day, and for the Office of Readings, the first reading is of the day and the second reading is hagiographic (of the Saint), and the collect of the Saint; for the minor hours, it’s the psalms and collect of the day, no recognition of the Saint is made at the minor hours.

So it’s not always that simple, and hence the reason we find ourselves needing extra ribbons from time to time…

You also use Evening Prayer I for feasts of our Lord that fall on a Sunday.

Thanks for the correction :slight_smile:

In addition to what OraLabora said, any Memorial or Feast of a saint who is the patron of the city, state, or religious order or congregation gets bumped up to a Solemnity, and any Memorial of a saint who is the patron of the diocese, province (not sure what the difference between a state and a province is), or country gets bumped up to a Feast. (at least I think this is what this means…)

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