Brexit caused by EU problems being ‘swept under carpet’: Polish PM


Poland will help propose reforms to the European Union, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło said on Friday, following a decision by Britain to exit the bloc.

“The result of the British referendum is primarily a result of the crises which have been taking place in the EU for some time, and which have not been resolved,” Szydło told a press conference.

The head of Poland’s governing conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, Jarosław Kaczyński, said that the EU needs a new treaty.
“The European Union needs reform, this would be a positive response to the Brexit, which can also in turn become an offer for Britain,” Kaczyński said, adding that the remaining EU members should work on developing a “new European treaty”.


We need the Polish people to lead one again. I love the Polish people, they are wonderful people.

NOTE: I’m not Polish.


How sensible!


In world affairs it has gotten to the point where a sensible, measured, thoughtful response seems almost miraculous.


I think it’s going to be a band-aid at best. Frankly, the reason why Poland is in the EU is to have access to German and British cash. But the latter voted to leave.

I think the EU fundamentally is too big and repressive for its own good, and the fear tactics that Remain used in the Brexit vote were disturbing.

The fact is Poland, although they may be a good intention they really don’t have much of a say on the matter for one, because the EU Parliament isn’t really a parliament and two, because they are a receiver more than a contributor. So they have a short-term incentive to save the EU.

Culturally, I really like Poland, except for its low birth rate.


To truly reform the EU means First World beneficiaries of cronyism have to make sacrifices.

How likely is that to happen?


Wouldn’t surprise me if this falls on deaf ears, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Poles themselves also walk away from the Union.


In my humble opinion, this is the sort of attitude that keeps anything from getting done. To reform the EU, the leaders of member countries first need to acknowledge that reform is necessary. That is happening. When change is called for, developing possible reforms is limited only by a lack of will. In this case, multiple, shared interdependencies are good motivation to strive for the sort of understanding that results in good solutions.


:thumbsup: You can say that again!


The EU can only blame themselves. I’m no fan of Cameron but he did try and get some reform before the vote and the EU weren’t that interested.

Yesterday was a good day for England and in other news a good day for Colombia for different reasons.


Interesting that a Catholic country has a low birthrate and staunch anti-abortion laws.

Uribe says it was a bad day.


I agree it was a good day for England, but why a good day for Colombia? what did I miss?


You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Just look at the Eastern Europe countries who are
EU members and those who are not. Compare. Feel the difference.


The two highest ranking members of Poland’s government are both devout Catholics, and guess who’s trying to force them out ? People marching with blue flags with gold stars who also believe that the misery, tension and bloodshed of the Middle East must be allowed into Poland.


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