Brideshead Revisited "setting up a rival to God"

I was stunned by the clarity of the comment made by the character “Julia” near the end of the 30-year old British television mini-series “Brideshead Revisited”. Julia, as a divorced Catholic with an ex-husband still living, accepted that she could not marry her true love as it would have meant losing her Catholic faith and “setting up a rival good to G_d’s good.” I believe that short comment captures the reality of sin. Is there a book where this concept is discussed?
Also: Why is the character of Lady Marchmain so hated? Was she manipulative? Yes, but she was a product of her time. Also she took seriously her duty to train her children to be Catholics in a land that was hostile to Catholics.

Good questions!

I love that series too.

I always wondered why Lady Marchmain was so hated as well? She was certainly in a tough spot, and I’ve seen this with moms who take passing on their faith seriously without any support from their husband. It’s really a losing set up! I’ve felt it myself sometimes,having to be the “bad guy” or the “kill joy”.

She was a real guilt-tripper though, without any encouraging words or positive strokes. I guess that’s what’s needed to balance it out. :wink:

Julia’s comment was spot on–we all have false God’s which give us temporary goodness and compete with God’s everlasting goodness.

I think Cordelia steals the show however! Gotta love her!

God Bless! :slight_smile:

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