Bridesmaid at an outdoor protestent wedding for relative?


My husband and I were asked to stand up at his cousins wedding next year. Both are non Catholics and they want their wedding outdoors.

Is it a sin to stand up in their wedding? Thanks!


Protestant weddings are official so why not?


If neither were ever Catholic then the Church would consider the marriage valid so it would be no issue.

If either of them was ever Catholic then it would be a problem.


First marriage for both?


No! They are both 18 and have never been baptized Catholic.

Thank you for your quick responses.


It’s not their first marriages?


Yes this would be their first marriage.


Yes this would be their first marriage.
Sorry I’m getting used to this typing format!


I have heard mixed responses so I wanted to make sure.


OK— then, if neither is Catholic, this would be a valid (and sacramental if they are baptized Christians) marriage. Feel free to witness it


Have a good time!!!


They do seem awfully young to be getting married though. I know, it’s not my business…


It would only be a sin if one of the people being married was Catholic but not marrying in the Catholic church. If a Catholic marries outside the Catholic church the marriage is not valid.

This comes up during applications for annulment. In general, when 2 validly baptised (Trinitarian form) Protestants marry their marriage is valid but if one of them were Catholic that would invalidate the marriage because the Catholic sinned by not getting married in the church.

So attending a non-Catholic marriage where BOTH bride and groom are not Catholic is acceptable. If one of them is Catholic or it is a same sex wedding it causes scandal.

Make sense?


Okay, So I can’t help it – would this have been allowed prior to Vatican ii? Not that it matters now, but sometimes I think there is something hanging on culturally…


That’s why the forum is here!
Just enjoy the day and know God will be smiling on the couple as he is the giver of love.


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