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I’m having a really hard time finding conservative bridesmaid dresses with sleeves. I’m not worried too much about my wedding dress, because it seems pretty easy to attach sleeves to the strapless ones, but I’m wondering what some of you ended up choosing for your bridesmaids? Where can I find something modest? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Did you check the J Crew website? They are a little pricey.


Check out!


I got our bridesmaids their dresses @ JC Penney. :slight_smile:

My sister is getting married next year and I’m a bridesmaid (woohoo! :D) and we’re getting our dresses @ Davids Bridal. We aren’t wearing sleeves, but if that is what you want, there are lots of sashes and boleros that you can get in the same fabric as the dresses. :thumbsup:



I saw these on the David’s website and they looked awesome - $29 each and a ton of colors.


Try typing in latter day saints modest bridesmaids gowns. LDS are very strict about what they can wear and if it works for them it will work for you too most likely. (these are some that have sleeves)


I couldn’t find any modest dresses for under $150, so I went with a very affordable solution and got these $50 strapless dresses from amazon, then got a matching bolero jacket to cover the shoulders.



If you or a friend has any sewing skills, you could also make your own bolero jackets.

If you’re okay with spending more, google “modest bridesmaid dress” and you can find many LDS dress companies that carry bridesmaid dresses with sleeves. You can buy them online, or check their websites to see whether they list any shops in your area that carry their dress line. If you have any friends who are Mormon, you could also ask them if they know of any bridal shops in the area that carry modest dresses. The bridal shop where I found my modest wedding gown was the only one in my city that carried modest bridal dresses, and it is well known in the Mormon community as being the only one that carries dresses that fit temple standards. I’m not Mormon, but I just wanted a dress that wasn’t strapless.


You can go to the fabric store and pick out a pattern. Then have them made.


My bridesmaids wore white 3/4 sleeve blouses from the formal wear dept at the locat dept store (on clearance for $30!) and formal skirts made by my grandmother. We went with a two piece outfit because two out of the three bridesmaids were nursing infants at the time and needed to be able to feed their babies easily.


When our daughter got married 3 yrs ago, she picked a color and basic guidelines (shoulders covered in the church, no cleavage showing) and each bridesmaid chose her own dress. They did not all match in color (much less style!), but the bride didn't care. She wanted each girl to have a dress she liked and could actually wear again.

I was also at a wedding where the bridesmaids were told, "knee length black dress" and each wore her own style. They were all lovely.

Just a thought . . .


My cousin did this at her wedding – told her bridesmaids to choose their favorite black dress (with the stipulation that their shoulders had to be covered). I think it turned out great.


My bridesmaids selected their own (red, Alfred Angelo) dresses. Most were sleeveless, but not strapless. They looked lovely and quite modest, weren’t cleavage-y or anything.

Those shrugs that someone linked to are super cute! I’ve also been to a wedding where the bridesmaids wore a wrap over their shoulders and tied behind their backs/under their arms (does that make sense?), looked very pretty! GL, it can be rough sorting through to find something pretty and modest these days, but I’m sure you’ll find something beautiful! :wink:


These are what we did for our wedding! I paired them with these dresses in clover green

The dress was on sale, and then the girls got either 15% or 20% off, since I bought my dress at David’s as well. I bought the girls pearl necklaces and bracelets to go with the and it was very “breakfast at Tiffany’s” Including shoes they spent $105, which for a bridesmaid outfit is pretty good! The last wedding I was in, I spent $350 for the dress alone!


Thanks for all your suggestions, there are some really good ideas here! :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’d google ‘Mormon bridesmaid dresses’. One such website is Due to their temple requirements they’ll definitely have a modest dress selection for you to choose from.


Where do you live? Probably not near St. Louis, but if you are, Chatfield’s Boutique is known for their modest wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, etc.

Otherwise, I agree with everyone who says to search for LDS dresses. Be careful–some sites are scams.

It is hard to find dresses with any sort of sleeves these days. :frowning: Good luck! :thumbsup:


It’s probably a good idea to select a modest dresse and which ones are the most flattering for your body type. Doing so will save you a lot of time and frustration in finding your perfect modest wedding gown at alexiadesigns.

bridesmaid dresses


I had all of my bridesmaid gowns made, most of them for less than $100 with the seamstress I used who was very good and very affordable. One of my bms was plus-sized so had to use more fabric, so it was a little more (I think about $115 or $125) and another got her own seamstress since she lived out of state and wanted a design by a couture designer, so the pattern was expensive and she ended up spending more than the rest.

Basically, my criteria was that they had to be long and modest… especially no cleavage hanging out. :stuck_out_tongue: They could do whatever else they wanted with the design so that it matched their body types since they were all different in size and they had to use the fabric I chose. I didn’t require sleeves, but they all had to have at least thick straps.


I thought these were cute and modest bridesmaid dresses. They also come in tea-length and floor-length and come in different colors. I can’t tell how nice the fabric is or the quality of the sewing. They are a little pricey, but not so bad compared to some gowns. And I’m sure an affordable seamstress could use a similar pattern if you want to try to save your bridesmaids money.


Wouldn’t it be nice if a search for “Catholic bridesmaids” or “Catholic wedding dress” turned up lovely modest dresses! :curtsey:

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